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heart With a history cursively written to displace times Now the present does not know how time alRate it:

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Ad Comitissam Rutlandiæ
Francis Beaumont
of physiognomy So far, that I do fear I must displace The art a little, to let in her face. It shalRate it:

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A Siren's Call
Kurt Philip Behm
karma Can wishes rise above fate Can memory displace what vision instills Can love pass beyRate it:

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Ballade of Summer's Sleep
Archibald Lampman
the slayer be slain and the spring displace The might of his arms with her rose-crowned bands, Let Rate it:

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Hilda Doolittle
they sleep or wake to torment and wish to displace our old cells -- thin rare gold -- that theirRate it:

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My race
Laulindah Shiku
embrace Reputation and Opinions, I command you Displace! And give way and room for grace! For you Rate it:

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Sonnet XXI
Edmund Spenser
grace. For with mild pleasance, which doth pride displace, she to her loues doth lookers eyes allurRate it:

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The Formless Question
Kurt Philip Behm
by the heart or the mind Can it chase, or displace, or replace what it finds If beauty is trutRate it:

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The Humble Bee
Ralph Waldo Emerson
of the underwoods, The green silence dost displace, With thy mellow breezy bass. Hot midsummer's pRate it:

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The Prayer Of Agassiz
John Greenleaf Whittier
an eye with his still face Shall the living ones displace, Many an ear the word shall seek He aloneRate it:

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The Pro-Consuls
Rudyard Kipling
tend and raise Power that must their power displace. Lesser men feign greater goals, Failing whereRate it:

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The Secrets Of Divine Love Are To Be Kept
William Cowper
scarce assist the sight, That pierce, but not displace the night; That shine indeed, but nothing shRate it:

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The Shepherd's Calendar - August
John Clare
streaked with red Such promises all sorrows soon displace And smiles are instant kindled in his facRate it:

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The Singer
John Greenleaf Whittier
like rain in sun! Her gravest mood could scarce displace The dimples of her nut-brown face. Wit spRate it:

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The Task: Book II, The Time-Piece (excerpts)
William Cowper
regulate the dress, Retrench a sword-blade, or displace a patch; But where are its sublimer troRate it:

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