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Yet Dish
Gertrude Stein
I Put a sun in Sunday, Sunday. Eleven please ten hoop. Hoop. Cousin coarse in coarse in soap. Cousin coarse in soap sew up. soap. Cousin coarse...Rate it:

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The Digger's Song
Barcroft Henry Thomas Boake
find, Give the dish a twirl around, Let the wateRate it:

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The Beggar And The Angel
Duncan Campbell Scott
* * * * The angel when he grasped the dish, Began to criticize his wish. The seat was hard as graRate it:

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Black Bonnet
Henry Lawson
the youngsters gone. There's scarce a sound of dish on dish Or cup slipped into cup, When left aRate it:

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Don Juan: Dedication
George Gordon Lord Byron
song and new simile holds good), "A dainty dish to set before the King," Or Regent, who aRate it:

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Ralph Hodgson
in bells and grass Up to her knees, Picking a dish of sweet Berries and plums to eat, Down in tRate it:

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Goblin Market
Christina Georgina Rossetti
a basket, One bears a plate, One lugs a golden dish Of many pounds' weight. How fair the vine must Rate it:

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James And The Shoulder Of Mutton
Ann Taylor
turn'd, But oh, sad fate! unlucky chance! The dish his fingers burn'd. Now in the kennel down feRate it:

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New Prince New Pomp
Robert Southwell
of dirty mire. Weigh not his crib, his wooden dish, Nor beasts that by him feed; Weigh not hiRate it:

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Padraic Colum
went by, a man upstanding, On your head a wide dish, holding Dark and golden lumps of honey; You weRate it:

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Edward George Dyson
fronds, It was a pleasant task to lay The dish within the stream, and there To puddle off the pug aRate it:

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The Ballad of Bouillabaisse
William Makepeace Thackeray
of Bouillabaisse. This Bouillabaisse a noble dish is - A sort of soup, or broth, or brew, Or hoRate it:

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The Ballad of Buillabaisse
William Makepeace Thackeray
of Bouillabaisse. This Bouillabaisse a noble dish is -- A sort of soup, or broth, or brew, Or hRate it:

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The Squatter's Baccy Famine
James Brunton Stephens
taste in flesh, or fowl, or fish; There's not a dish could tempt him now, Except a cake of Caven-diRate it:

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The Manlet
Lewis Carroll
shall rave of the Cat and the Fiddle, And the Dish that eloped with the Spoon; And his soul shall bRate it:

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No Place To Hide
Kurt Philip Behm
temptation and trial are served from my dish Go be safe in the womb but remember outside WhenRate it:

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Address To A Haggis
Robert Burns
Ye Pow'rs wha mak mankind your care, And dish them out their bill o 'fare, Auld ScotlandRate it:

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I Am a 21st Century Man
Alan Berkeley Thomas
advice No meat and no fish in my dinnertime dish And for breakfast I eat only rice I'm ever so thiRate it:

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My Bear
Robert William Service
and without suspish- - Ion hugged that horrid dish, And swilled it doRate it:

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My Hat!
William Henry Ogilvie
into the shed. And oft it has served as a dish for A kelpie in need of a drink; It was all that Rate it:

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Rabindranath Tagore
say "No" to me if I tried to eat from your dish? Would you drive me off, saying to me, "Get awaRate it:

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The Moon
William Topaz McGonagall
the fish, And with them he makes a dainty dish. Beautiful Moon, with thy silvery light, Thou cheeRate it:

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A New Damon And Pythias
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Wynne's out and Frazer's in. They'll probably dish up the same old stuff, While honest men can onlyRate it:

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1 Million Gods
Nikhil Parekh
tore through the slices of scarlet apple in my dish; with renewed energy and gusto. When I was inRate it:

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A Funeral Elegy on the Death of The Lady Penelope Clifton
Francis Beaumont
is their nourishment; If thou canst steal into a dish, and creep When all is still as though into aRate it:

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