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Nikhil Parekh
A Color which engenders you to timelessly discover your ever-pervadingly unbridled creativity; as yRate it:

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Among The Multitude
Walt Whitman
and perfect equal! I meant that you should discover me so, by my faint indirections; And I, wRate it:

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Mario William Vitale Collective Tapestry II
Mario William Vitale
they also can bring down. With words we can soon discover a reason for being like the changing of tRate it:

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Another Child Moves On
less each day We suffer in some new way Soon we discover a bright new lover Then realize we were bRate it:

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Just A Woman
Arthur Henry Adams
YOU ask me why I love her; Not a charm can you discover! Would you see The heart that a shut rose is, And whose beauty ne'er uncloses Sav...Rate it:

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Lord Ullin's Daughter
Thomas Campbell
hard behind us ride; Should they our steps discover, Then who will cheer my bonny bride When theRate it:

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The Broken Balance
Robinson Jeffers
down the long morbid roots that forget the plow, Discover the depths; let the long pale tendrils SpRate it:

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The Granny Grey, a Love Tale
Mary Darby Robinson
not see her Lover, Lest GRANNY should the deed discover, She, for a woman's weapon, still, From CUPRate it:

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The Holidays
Ann Taylor
from school to depart; But we shall discover, this holiday lover Knew little what was in his heartRate it:

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The Holidays
Jane Taylor
from school to depart; But we shall discover, this holiday lover Knew little what was in his heartRate it:

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Mario William Vitale
dragging my heart around we each must learn to discover what decay of wretched debris left inside mRate it:

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A Paumanok Picture
Walt Whitman
quite still, Ten fishermen waiting--they discover a thick school of mossbonkers-- they Rate it:

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Adventure through the world
Aden Michael Winans
Kris Pinker. He was 34 years old. He began to discover the world. He tryed to get to Africa. He spoRate it:

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An Excellent New Song Being The Intended Speech Of A Famous Orator Against Peace
Jonathan Swift
my subscription by help of a blot, And so might discover or gain by the plot: I had my advantage, aRate it:

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Dialogue With Humanity
Ehsan Sehgal
I searched for a lot, To discover a human Where I can find my place, But I became tired of that Rate it:

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I didn't love her...
Mitya Rolin
smile and interesting dimples In trying to discover, where my shark I called her «My carassius» DRate it:

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The Poem That Took The Place Of A Mountain
Wallace Stevens
exact rock where his inexactness Would discover, at last, the view toward which they had edged, WhRate it:

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Alan Parry-Booth
may have a bent for invention To discover a cure for the flu Or, just slip in there to write poetrRate it:

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Isaac Rosenberg
last green interchange What lost dreams shall discover? Dead, strayed, to love-strange lover. Rate it:

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The Power of the Dog
Rudyard Kipling
gone--wherever it goes--for good, You will discover how much you care, And will give your heart forRate it:

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Robert Randle
your true identity. You must have the courage to discover your unknown and unrecognized talents. FORate it:

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The Evening Darkens Over
Robert Seymour Bridges
over After a day so bright, The windcapt waves discover That wild will be the night. There's sound Rate it:

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The Invitation
Thomas Dekker
of armies fighting: Oh, part not from me! I'll discover There all but [?] books of fancy's writinRate it:

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Deborrah Ann Stenberg
all answers to justify ambitions. Longing to discover a serviceable path. one that will keep us saRate it:

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A Parting
Edith Nesbit
and lover; Nought's to seek now, gain, attain, discover. All is over. Rate it:

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