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Address to the Unco Guid
Robert Burns
fair regard, What makes the mighty differ? Discount what scant occassion gave, That purity ye prRate it:

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A Brisbane Reverie
James Brunton Stephens
et cetera—see list. Where dress was at a discount, or at most a modest “fall,” Rise “Criterion,” “Rate it:

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A Grammarian's Funeral Shortly after the Revival of Learnin
Robert Browning
Just what it all meant? He would not discount life, as fools do here, Paid by instalmeRate it:

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Alf’s Seventh Bit
Ezra Pound
tell me that branded goods Don't get a discount like Mr. Selfridge Of 25 per cent, on their ads., aRate it:

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Fit the Seventh ( Hunting of the Snark )
Lewis Carroll
knew it was useless to fly. He offered large discount--he offered a cheque (Drawn "to bearer") foRate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
the ages Since dim neolithic years, Striving to discount the credit Of philosophers and seers; And Rate it:

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Arthur Clement Hilton
am not Yet perfect in my Practice. Discount is counted troublesome By my unlearned pate;Rate it:

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Stoves and sunshine
Eugene Field
short on tombs and academic groves, We double discount Christendom on sunshine and on stoves. DearRate it:

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The Scurril Press
Ambrose Bierce
funny man-he wrote Me up because I'd not discount his note. (_Blushes like sunset at the hideous liRate it:

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To A Jar Of Wine
Eugene Field
design; How through thy fascinating arts We discount Hope, O gracious wine! And passing rich the poRate it:

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Up And Down Old Brandywine
James Whitcomb Riley
than ever ANYwhere! Heaven to come can't discount MINE Up and down old Brandywine! Hain't no senseRate it:

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You're right—
Emily Dickinson
just the price of Breath— With but the "Discount" of the Grave— Termed by the Brokers—"Death"! AndRate it:

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