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Dining At The End Of The World
Jennifer Juan
were so sweet, when we ate each other whole, dining at the end of the world, with candles by our siRate it:

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Dining-Room Tea
Rupert Brooke
When you were there, and you, and you, Happiness crowned the night; I too, Laughing and looking, one of all, I watched the quivering lamplight f...Rate it:

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Eating Alone
Sonia Walker
my attempts to appear as if my unaccompanied dining event is a once-in-a-while circumstance; readinRate it:

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Robert Louis Stevenson
Light a fire in the gloom Of some dusty dining-room; See the pictures on the walls, Heroes fighRate it:

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Illahi Nama (Book of God)
Farid ud-Din Attar Abu Hamid bin Abu Bakr Ibrahim
when he is walking, and his gullet when he is dining. A saint tells a shaikh that love is never denRate it:

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Fatal Attraction
Mario William Vitale
had some things under her sleave one night while dining with my family alone there was some foot stRate it:

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Nonsense Verses
Arthur Clement Hilton
a young gourmand of John's, Who'd a notion of dining on swans, To the Backs he took big nets Rate it:

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A Classical Revival
William Schwenck Gilbert
of steady cram."!) In the period Socratic every dining-room was Attic (Which suggests an architectRate it:

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An Invitation To Edward Walpole, Esq.
Mary Barber
up the Treat; I know you're too wise, to love dining in State. Rate it:

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Because She Had Made My Food With Love.
Nikhil Parekh
famished - prompting an ecstatic push for the dining table as soon as the footsteps reached the thrRate it:

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Billy's Alphabetical Animal Show
James Whitcomb Riley
that she needed. G was a gluttonous Goat Who, dining one day, _table-d'hote,_ Ordered soup-bone, _Rate it:

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Child of the Romans
Carl Sandburg
vases Standing slender on the tables in the dining cars. Rate it:

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Country Pubs
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
boys? Name your drink' ... But in the grimy dining room A slattern lass of grease and gloom IntoneRate it:

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Fredman's song no. 10
Carl Michael Bellman
day I'd dress myself Like the king, when dining. Then I'd purchase and I'd use Coat and waistcoaRate it:

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He fell among Thieves
Sir Henry Newbolt
and keen; The College Eight and their trainer dining aloof, The Dons on the daëis serene. He watchRate it:

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Hiawatha's Photographing
Lewis Carroll
pillar; And the corner of a table, Of a rosewood dining-table. He would hold a scroll of something,Rate it:

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I had been hungry all the years-
Emily Dickinson
birds and I had often shared In Nature's dining-room. The plenty hurt me, 't was so new,-- Myself Rate it:

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Introducing the Day Family
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
the morning prim and mild Church and mid-day dining. If, before the shadows fall, You should find Rate it:

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Just Where Were You?
Nikhil Parekh
listlessness—for hours immemorial on the dining table; not wanting to savor even the most infinitesRate it:

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Kiwanis Convention Song [from August 2010]
Burt Green
Johners are not rich folk in a fancy dining car, Come sit around our table & put your belly to Rate it:

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Little Birds
Lewis Carroll
Little Birds are dining Warily and well, Hid in mossy cell: Hid, I say, by waiters Gorgeous in their gaiters - I've a Tale to tell. Little Birds a...Rate it:

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London Types:
William Ernest Henley
or where Brixtonian kitchens lard the late-dining air. Rate it:

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Nightmare: A Tale for an Autumn Evening
Amy Lowell
clattering horses. Mr. Spruggins had been dining in the city, Mr. Spruggins was none too steady in Rate it:

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No Candy This Year
Kurt Philip Behm
playing their hunch Through the living and dining rooms they tear with a fever And no corner is sRate it:

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No Candy This Year
Kurt Philip Behm
all over, playing their hunch Living and dining rooms they tear with a fever No corner is saRate it:

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