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Villanelle of Ye Young Poet's First Villanelle to his Ladye and Ye Difficulties Thereof
Eugene O'Neill
To sing the charms of Rosabelle, To pour my soul out at her feet, I try to write this villanelle. Now I am caught within her spell, It seems t...Rate it:

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Whirlpool Of Life
Ehsan Sehgal
burden of life journey Stays upon shoulders Difficulties make things More difficult.Rate it:

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Robert Browning
II. At first you say, “The whole, or chief “Of difficulties, is Belief. “Could I believe once thoRate it:

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Jack Honest, or the Widow and Her Son
William Topaz McGonagall
wasn't enough money the rent to pay; And in her difficulties Mrs Honest could form no plan to get oRate it:

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Ada Cambridge
bright light, afterward. He will make all your difficulties clear. Learn, learn, learn,— Death is Rate it:

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Lyman King
Edgar Lee Masters
fashion bends over an anthill, Seeing how their difficulties could be avoided. But pass on into lifRate it:

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Real love spells,lottery spells,money spells
to help people going through different such life difficulties- In their weakest Methods such as: CARate it:

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The 5th Satire Of Book I. Of Horace : A Humorous Description Of The Author's Journey From Rome To Brundusium
William Cowper
kick the mule into his gears. Happy, these difficulties past, Could we have fallen asleep at last! Rate it:

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The Bucking-Tub
La Fontaine
whose name was Nan, Kept house, and through some difficulties ran. Though scanty were their means, Rate it:

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The Case Of Conscience
La Fontaine
that made her persevere. WHEN Easter came, new difficulties rose Then, in confession, ALL she shouRate it:

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The Parrot
William Cowper
a syllable, We think them tedious creatures; But difficulties soon abate, When birds are to be taugRate it:

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