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Hans Christian Andersen
fremvise! Men bemærk, med hver især Følger en Devise! Ungersvenden. Gid jeg dog et Haandtryk fik TRate it:

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A Curse for Kings
Vachel Lindsay
Heaven of Heavens, What punishment could Heaven devise for these Who fill the rivers of the world wRate it:

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Kitchener's School
Rudyard Kipling
now! He does not desire as ye desire, nor devise as ye devise: He is preparing a second host -- an Rate it:

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The Nightingale
La Fontaine
misses but just in their teens By day and night devise the means To dull with subtlety to sleep TheRate it:

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Upon Nothing
Lord John Wilmot
the wise Inquire, define, distinguish, teach, devise? Didst thou not stand to point their dull philRate it:

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Amoretti LXXV: One Day I Wrote Her Name
Edmund Spenser
likewise." "Not so," (quod I) "let baser things devise To die in dust, but you shall live by fame: Rate it:

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Katharine Lee Bates
pinions Tyrants quake for their dominions And devise yet heavier key, Deeper cell to prison thee, BRate it:

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Epithalamion Made At Lincoln's Inn
John Donne
marriage days ; Help with your presence, and devise to praise These rites, which also unto you grRate it:

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Divine Justice Amiable
William Cowper
I not worthy to sustain The worst thou canst devise; And dare I seek thy throne again, And meet thyRate it:

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Harry Crosby
all void or lapsed legacies or bequests, I give, devise and bequeathe to Mithra of the Persians andRate it:

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The Court of Love
Geoffrey Chaucer
so green, Balais, Turkeis, nor thing, *to my devise,* *in my judgement* That may the castle make fRate it:

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Ciel Brouillé (Cloudy Sky)
Charles Baudelaire
grey or green?) cruel or soft in turn as dreams devise, reflect the languor of the pallid skies. tRate it:

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Henry Howard
can such women praise ? That for their glory do devise to use such crafty ways. I that among the reRate it:

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A Fairy Tale In The Ancient English Style
Thomas Parnell
ev'ry deal they laugh and sing, And antick Feats devise; Some wind and tumble like an Ape, And otheRate it:

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A Lover's Lullaby
George Gascoigne
my ware, and all that was: I can no more delays devise; But welcome pain, let pleasure pass. Rate it:

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Absalom and Achitophel
John Dryden
size That Gods-smiths could produce, or Priests devise.) These Adam-wits too fortunately free, BRate it:

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Algernon Charles Swinburne
a common woman doth, Thou didst think evil and devise; The sweet smell of thy breast and mouth ThouRate it:

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Aims At Happiness
Jane Taylor
whom poverty denies To execute the projects they devise ! But Felix, well supplied with evil's rootRate it:

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Anne Kingsmill Finch
Hearts, the softest Things Which Nature cou'd devise, Are yet some harsh, and jarring Strings, Rate it:

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Amyntor's Grove, His Chloris, Arigo, And Gratiana. An Elogie
Richard Lovelace
jawes of our feares. Whilst ravisht thus we did devise, If this were not a Paradice In all, except Rate it:

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Astrophel and Stella VII: WhenNature Made her Chief Work
Sir Philip Sidney
and light? Or did she else that sober hue devise, In object best to knit and strength our sRate it:

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Chaucer's Tale of Meliboeus
Geoffrey Chaucer
*although it be* By sundry folk, as I shall you devise. As thus, ye wot that ev'ry Evangelist, TRate it:

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Christmas Scene
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
day When, growing saner, kindlier still, May devise, by wooded hill And shaded vale, some scene of Rate it:

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Henry Howard
wits restor'd by length of time. Then as I could devise, to seek I thought it best Where I might fiRate it:

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Complaint of a Lover that Defied Love
Henry Howard
to love, their hap was such, Right as they could devise to choose them feres 4 throughout : With muRate it:

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