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To Robert Barber Esq; Deputy To The Treasurer's Remembrancer In The Court Of Exchequer
Mary Barber
Whilst Gay's unhappy Fate thy Ear attends, Thy Heart, indignant, scorns his faithless Friends; Thy gen'rous Heart, which never learnt the Way, A Fr...Rate it:

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Thespis: Act II
William Schwenck Gilbert
thing. SILL. She says I'm a dear old thing. Deputy Venus says I'm a dear old thing. NICE. It's hRate it:

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Gallio's Song
Rudyard Kipling
Paul was about to open his mouth When Achaia's Deputy spoke-- "Whether the God descend from above Rate it:

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A Legend of Truth
Rudyard Kipling
and babbled, "Sister, aid! I am--I was--thy Deputy, and men Besought me for my useful tongue or penRate it:

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Fine fine house
Laulindah Shiku
said 'you're the master' and a cord He made its Deputy And as they coursed down miles and miles of Rate it:

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How Polly Paid For Her Keep
Barcroft Henry Thomas Boake
times, and a fiver Per week was the wages my deputy got, A good, honest worker, and out-and-out dRate it:

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Jacob Homnium’s Hoss
William Makepeace Thackeray
praps he does of Greek, And prowides hisself a deputy Because he cannot speak. Four counsel in thiRate it:

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On A Register For A Bible
William Strode
I am the faythfull deputy Unto your fading memory. Your Index long in search doth hold; Your folded wrinkles make books olde: But I the Scripture o...Rate it:

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Public Waste
Rudyard Kipling
price." List to a ditty queer -- The sale of a Deputy-Acting-Vice- Resident-Engineer, Boug ht like Rate it:

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Sleep And Death.
Robert Crawford
kingdom is left open, as it were, Without a deputy, to all the worlds, Whose mystic coursers may byRate it:

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The Confessor, a Sanctified Tale
Mary Darby Robinson
make confession free-- To Him,--his saintly deputy. Now, so it happen'd, to annoy The merry pair, aRate it:

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The Criminal V
Khalil Gibran
position prevailed upon the Emir to appoint him deputy in that city - the sad process pursued by unRate it:

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The Song of a Prison
Henry Lawson
ye gods! is Love!) The Governor knows, and the Deputy, and all of the warders know, Once a week, Rate it:

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Tidings Of Good
Ambrose Bierce
multiply like the rabbits, While jailers, deputy sheriffs, police, And writers will form good habitRate it:

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Tugg Martin
James Whitcomb Riley
gives 'em to understand He druther not!--A Deputy (The slickest one you ever see!) Tackled him _lasRate it:

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