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The Spirit's Depths
Coventry Patmore
Not in the crisis of events Of compass'd hopes, or fears fulfill'd, Or acts of gravest consequence, Are life's delight and depth reveal'd. The day ...Rate it:

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Black on the Depths
Christopher John Brennan
Black on the depths of blackest skies whence even the levin seems withdrawn, the cities threaten: burning eyes ask what dread hand hath slain th...Rate it:

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In the Depths
Arthur Hugh Clough
It is not sweet content, be sure, That moves the nobler Muse to song, Yet when could truth come whole and pure From hearts that inly writhe with...Rate it:

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In the Depths of a Forest
Henry Kendall
In the depths of a Forest secluded and wild, The night voices whisper in passionate numbers; And I’m leaning again, as I did when a child, O’er the...Rate it:

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In The Depths Of The Sea
Mario William Vitale
Nature can be a fulfillment in enjoyment with a time well spent in thought... Look at the Albatross dashing the waves upon the sea to unfold its ti...Rate it:

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Out Of The Depths
Abram Joseph Ryan
Lost! Lost! Lost! The cry went up from a sea -- The waves were wild with an awful wrath, Not a light shone down on the lone ship's path; The clouds...Rate it:

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Out Of The Depths: Written After The Reformation Of A Brilliant And Talented Man
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Out of the midnight, rayless and cheerless, Into the morning's golden light; Out of the clutches of wrong and ruin, Into the arms of truth and righ...Rate it:

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The Depths Of The Sea
Edith Nesbit
FOR A PICTURE BY E. BURNE JONES I Habes tota quod mente petisti Infelix. IN deep vague spaces of the lonely sea She deemed her soulless life ...Rate it:

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