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Out Of The Depths: Written After The Reformation Of A Brilliant And Talented Man
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
paths that are paths of pain, Yea, out of the depths has a soul arisen, And 'one that was lost is fRate it:

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Black on the Depths
Christopher John Brennan
Black on the depths of blackest skies whence even the levin seems withdrawn, the cities threaten: burning eyes ask what dread hand hath slain th...Rate it:

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In the Depths of a Forest
Henry Kendall
In the depths of a Forest secluded and wild, The night voices whisper in passionate numbers; And I’m leaning again, as I did when a child, O’er the...Rate it:

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In The Depths Of The Sea
Mario William Vitale
it early stand still & repeat In the depths of the sea the right course of its destined folly wRate it:

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Out Of The Depths
Abram Joseph Ryan
tempest-tossed. Lost! Lost! Lost! Out of the depths of the sea -- Out of the night and the sea; AnRate it:

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The Spirit's Depths
Coventry Patmore
Not in the crisis of events Of compass'd hopes, or fears fulfill'd, Or acts of gravest consequence, Are life's delight and depth reveal'd. The day ...Rate it:

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In the Depths
Arthur Hugh Clough
It is not sweet content, be sure, That moves the nobler Muse to song, Yet when could truth come whole and pure From hearts that inly writhe with...Rate it:

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The Depths Of The Sea
Edith Nesbit
FOR A PICTURE BY E. BURNE JONES I Habes tota quod mente petisti Infelix. IN deep vague spaces of the lonely sea She deemed her soulless life ...Rate it:

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The Death Of Richard Wagner
Algernon Charles Swinburne
laid bare The world's great heart. From the depths of the sea, from the wellsprings of earth, frRate it:

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The Treasures Of The Deep
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
sea! We ask not such from thee. Yet more, the depths have more!-what wealth untold, Far down, and Rate it:

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To The Spring
Count Giacomo Leopardi
cities filled with mutiny and shame, In depths of woods remote, The rough trees clasping to his breRate it:

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Life Is A Privilege
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
great ambitions – in one hour to know The depths and heights of feeling – God! in truth, How beautRate it:

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To My Beloved Daughter Melissa (On Your 40th Birthday)
Kurt Philip Behm
it was you calling out to me clear In the depths of my wandering your voice was so dear You oRate it:

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A Vision Out West
Barcroft Henry Thomas Boake
not to burst the padlocked door That leads to depths thou canst not gauge! Life is all thine: why Rate it:

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An Autumnal Extravaganza
James Whitcomb Riley
your meaning drowning lies In the dim depths of your eyes. Let me see the things you see Down the dRate it:

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An Earnest Prayer For Every Other Husband On This Earth.
Nikhil Parekh
parents took; at times going to unfathomable depths to solve any familial misunderstandings; whilstRate it:

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At The Ferry
Archibald Lampman
all day long in the quiet bay The eddying amber depths retard, And hold, as in a ring, at play, TheRate it:

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Châtiment De L'Orgueil (The Punishment of Pride)
Charles Baudelaire
hearts, Having stirred them in the dark depths of their being; After crossing on the way to celestiRate it:

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Fairies On The Sea Shore. By Howard
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
a summer day, bright and brief,-- I live in the depths of the tulip's bower, I wear a wreath of theRate it:

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Gavril Romanovich Derzhavin
a great mind might contrive To fix the ocean's depths, To count the sands, the rays of stars, Thou Rate it:

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Hiawatha's Fishing
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
could see the fishes swimming Far down in the depths below him; See the yellow perch, the Sahwa, Rate it:

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Hindoo Temples at Benares
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
rises higher o’er the shrines, Doomed to its depths at last. And soon above those stately domes ThRate it:

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Hunted Down
Henry Kendall
of the hills at the end - chased back to the depths of his lair - Had horror for neighbour and frieRate it:

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In War-Time: An Aspiration Of The Spirit
Sydney Thompson Dobell
in the human flood, Is whirled in its dark depths along; And low under the ruthless feet, Or high Rate it:

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L'Homme Et La Mer (Man And The Sea)
Charles Baudelaire
gloomy and reticent: Man, no one has sounded the depths of your being; O Sea, no person knows your Rate it:

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