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Deborah's Parrot, a Village Tale
Mary Darby Robinson
she so wond'rous pure, So stiff, so solemn--so demure? Why did she watch with so much care The roviRate it:

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"The Little Quaker Sinner"
Lucy Lincoln Montgomery
within, She wore a gown of sober grey, a cape demure and prim, With only simple fold and hem, yet Rate it:

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Dorothy Parker
She's passing fair; but so demure is she, So quiet is her gown, so smooth her hair, That few there are who note her and agree She's passing fa...Rate it:

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The Garden
Katharine Tynan
backward still, A silver echo -- a sweet child, Demure and lovesome, gay and wild. Rate it:

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A Delicious Interruption
James Whitcomb Riley
sure To be back home by nine. Then paused, demure, And wondered was it _very_ dark.--Oh, _no!_-- ShRate it:

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A Lawde and Prayse
John Skelton
king moost souereine That ever Englond had Demure sober and sad And Martis lusty knight God save hiRate it:

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Robert Herrick
it to blush, to curtsey, lisp, and show Demure, but yet full of temptation, too. Numbers ne'er tickRate it:

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A Storm in the Mountains
Charles Harpur
in the fervent light? Why climb they, bodingly demure, instead The tallest spear-grass to the benRate it:

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Apostate Will
Thomas Chatterton
whole collection shall be thine. With looks demure and cringing bows, About his business strait hRate it:

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John Clare
them all away. Though scarcely half as big, demure and small, He fights with dogs for bones and beaRate it:

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Ballade Of A Toyokuni Colour-Print
William Ernest Henley
quaint head as with flamelets crowned, Demure, inviting--even so, When merry maids in Miyako To feeRate it:

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Change In Recurrence
George Meredith
of the cot Where my darling, with side-glance demure, Would spy, on her trim garden-plot, The busy Rate it:

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Coming Home
Augusta Davies Webster
would turn, just in their midst, portentously demure like a tired sleepy kitten, and to-day wearRate it:

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Alice Guerin Crist
on the breeze Your maiden aunts and I, and you, demure and shy, Played a sober game of croquet undeRate it:

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Earnest Hanger
Nikhil Parekh
dexterously nimble palms, nestled silent and demure in some dilapidated corner of the cupboard; wRate it:

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Fears In Solitude
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
for mutual flattery, We have drunk up, demure as at a grace, Pollutions from the brimming cup of weRate it:

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Il Penseroso
John Milton
Nun, devout and pure, Sober, steadfast, and demure, All in a robe of darkest grain, Flowing with maRate it:

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In March
Archibald Lampman
the river's bed Flaps the black crow, the first demure newcomer. The last seared drifts are eatingRate it:

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Henry Timrod
face were nigh! But -- here the maiden grows demure --Rate it:

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Knoledge, Acquayntance, Resort, Fauour With Grace
John Skelton
cruelte; Wordys well set with good habylyte; Demure demenaunce, womanly of porte; Transendyng plesuRate it:

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Let Them Get Married.
Nikhil Parekh
mosquitoes find a feasible space to feast on her demure silhouette. Shouldn't he have carried a prRate it:

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My Love
Arthur Henry Adams
Tell her meaning all too well, To her heart's demure distress. She has soft, smooth cheeks thRate it:

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Night In State Street
Harriet Monroe
eyes unfurl Red signal fires, the while, demure, Your brooding lips deny their lure— Ah, does the lRate it:

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Old Town Types No. 21 - Mr Woolin-Wister
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
he had a roving eye That wakened many a smile demure and many a gentle sigh. For, whenever he soughRate it:

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Old Town Types No. 29 - Miss Trapp, The Music Teacher
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
her neat dove-grey dress, and manner most demure, A regular museum piece, who knew just what was 'dRate it:

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