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Wilt Thou Take Me For Thy Slave?
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
take me for the bondsman of thy pride? Thou who dearer art to me than all the world beside; For I lRate it:

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Ad Quintium. Cat. Ep. 83
Richard Lovelace
if you'l endear Catullus eyes, Or what he dearer then his eyes doth prize, Ravish not what is deareRate it:

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Epistle To Augusta
George Gordon Lord Byron
I. My sister! my sweet sister! if a name Dearer and purer were, it should be thine; Mountains and seas divide us, but I claim No tears, but tendern...Rate it:

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Sydney Thompson Dobell
when I felt thee prest Nearer, nearer, nearer, Dearer, dearer, dearer- Aye, while I saw thy face, IRate it:

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To My Mother
Edgar Allan Poe
to the one I loved so dearly, And thus are dearer than the mother I knew By that infinityRate it:

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A Lament
John Greenleaf Whittier
the pomp of the dead, To that glance will be dearer the tears which we shed. Oh, who can forget thRate it:

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Another (II)
Anne Bradstreet
So doth my anxious soul, which now doth miss A dearer dear (far dearer heart) than this. Still wRate it:

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John Greenleaf Whittier
brook and bird and meadow flowers A dearer welcome bringing. New light on home-seen Nature beamed,Rate it:

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Lachlan Side
Henry Lawson
long for river and grass and tree, And someone dearer than all to me, Far out on the Lachlan Side. Rate it:

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O, how our love is murderous
Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev
O, how our love is murderous, The dearer something is to us The surer are we to destroy it In passion's savage blindness! Was it so long ago you sa...Rate it:

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The Four Wishes
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
thee, mine own one, for those words! thrice dearer art thou now Than if thine hands were filled witRate it:

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The Irish Convict's Return
William Topaz McGonagall
I have long'd to see my old father And my mother dearer than all; And my favourite dog Charlie ThatRate it:

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The Souls of the Slain
Thomas Hardy
On your glory arid war-mightiness Than on dearer things."--"Dearer?" cried these from the deadRate it:

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The Souls of the Slain.
Thomas Hardy
On your glory arid war-mightiness Than on dearer things."--"Dearer?" cried these from the dead Rate it:

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To Louise
Paul Laurence Dunbar
to my Lady Louise. A sweet little maid, who is dearer, I ween, Than any fair duchess, or even a queRate it:

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A Fair Melody: To Be Sung By Good Christians
Hans Sachs
true strength and shield; Let nought to thee be dearer In heaven or earth, no creature-love E'er toRate it:

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Evening Star
Edgar Allan Poe
In thy glory afar, And dearer thy beam shall be; For joy Rate it:

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Glory To God Alone
William Cowper
Oh loved! but not enough--though dearer far Than self and its most loved enjoyments are; None duly loves thee, but who, nobly free From sensual obj...Rate it:

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My Love, Oh, She Is My Love
Douglas Hyde
a spell! Which haunts me more than I can tell. Dearer, because she makes me ill Than who would wRate it:

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Oh say not that my heart is cold
Charles Wolfe
glow of fond emotion For those who made it dearer still, And shared my wild devotion. Still oft thRate it:

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Sonnet 115: Those lines that I before have writ do lie
William Shakespeare
lie, Even those that said I could not love you dearer; Yet then my judgment knew no reason why My mRate it:

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Gentleness Pictured
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
human and the woodland flower Hath yet a dearer part,— The perfume of the hidden depths, The sweetnRate it:

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Ad Comitissam Rutlandiæ
Francis Beaumont
fumes, and drink, She shall make nothing but a dearer stink; She shall have such a foot and such a Rate it:

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Sonnet XXIX
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
not have my thoughts instead of thee Who art dearer, better ! Rather, instantly Renew thy presence;Rate it:

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Liberty Rejected
William Watson
rolled: 'Thy bondman to remain Is sweeter pain, Dearer an hundredfold.' Rate it:

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