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Confessio Amantis - Tales Of The Seven Deadly Sins, 1330-1408 A.D. - Prologus
John Gower
Torpor, ebes sensus, scola parua labor minimusque Causant quo minimus ipse minora canam: Qua tamen Engisti lingua canit Insula Bruti Anglica Carmen...Rate it:

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Jerusalem: I see the Four-fold Man, The Humanity in deadly sleep
William Blake
I see the Four-fold Man, The Humanity in deadly sleep And its fallen Emanation, the Spectre and its cruel Shadow. I see the Past, Presen...Rate it:

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Silence Most Deadly
Kurt Philip Behm
The intention of silenceā€¦ to expose or deceive Its power much greater, than most would believe Sometimes to say nothing, speaks loudest of ...Rate it:

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The Dance Of The Seven Deadly Sins
William Dunbar
I. Of Februar the fiftene nicht Full lang before the dayis licht I lay intill a trance And then I saw baith Heaven and Hell Me thocht, amang the f...Rate it:

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The Deadly Dummy
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
'It's the dummy wot done it,' said Bleary Bill. 'As a child I was out o' luck. A kid in me pram, that's wot I am When they gimme the thing to suck....Rate it:

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The Deadly Silence
Ehsan Sehgal
I never became attractive, For anyone's eyes I cried a lot At home and journey I am such a candle flame Which is about to turn off, You will ...Rate it:

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You Were Deadly Fool
Ehsan Sehgal
I did not come You came To knock my door With motives Or affection or empathy It was your conclusion Of thoughts and imagination I knew nothing I a...Rate it:

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