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Who would true Valour see
John Bunyan
be a Pilgrim. Hobgoblin, nor foul Fiend, Can daunt his Spirit: He knows, he at the end, Shall LRate it:

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The Skeleton in Armor
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
breast Still in rude armor drest, Comest to daunt me! Wrapt not in eastern balms, But with thy Rate it:

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The War After The War
John Le Gay Brereton
dim, With ears the wide world's thickness cannot daunt, We see tumultuous miseries that haunt The nRate it:

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A Christmas Greeting
Edgar Albert Guest
no lonely hours and sad; May your trials never daunt you, But may every day be glad. Little MotherRate it:

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A Lost Dream
Paul Laurence Dunbar
this were not wont, No loneliness my soul could daunt. For me too serious for my age, The weighty tRate it:

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A March
Charles Kingsley
our general, who fares as rough as we: What can daunt us, what can turn us, led to death by such asRate it:

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Book Eleventh: France [concluded]
William Wordsworth
and of heartless omen, had not power To daunt me; in the People was my trust: And, in the virtues Rate it:

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Clancy of the Overflow
Andrew Barton Paterson
tramp of feet. And the hurrying people daunt me, and their pallid faces haunt me As they shouldeRate it:

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For The Man Who Fails
Paul Laurence Dunbar
to fight his fight, And whose will no front can daunt, If the truth be truth and the right be rightRate it:

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French Leave
Claude McKay
No servile little fear shall daunt my will This morning. I have courage steeled to say I will be lazy, conqueringly still, I will not lose the h...Rate it:

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Siegfried Sassoon
note. But something in the wood, trying to daunt him, Led him confused in circles through the thiRate it:

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Hiding Place
Major Henry Livingston Jr.
globe from pole to pole, No flaming bolt should daunt my face, For Jesus is my Hiding-Place. On hRate it:

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Hudibras: Part 3 - Canto III
Samuel Butler
nature, but its own; The courage of the bravest daunt, And turn poltroons as valiant: For men as reRate it:

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Charles Lamb
cogitations Follow and haunt me, Striving to daunt me, In my heart festering, In my ears whisperingRate it:

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Just Unite
Nikhil Parekh
extinguish; just evolve, Don't drift; just daunt, Don't rhyme; just revolve, Don't go; just gallRate it:

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Lowly Laureate
Robert William Service
win the little women. No evil theme shall daunt my dream Of fellow-love and pity; I tune my lute tRate it:

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My Dearest Frank, I Wish You Joy
Jane Austen
very oft in vain, Still may one Terror daunt his Soul, One needful engine of Controul Be found in tRate it:

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My Hour
Robert William Service
or woodland wild, I win my way with heart undaunted, And all the wonder of a child. The pathless pRate it:

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My Spouse Nancy
Robert Burns
Sir, from the silent dead, Still I'll try to daunt you; Ever round your midnight bed Horrid spriRate it:

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On The Lord Gen. Fairfax At The Seige Of Colchester
John Milton
monarchs with amaze, And rumors loud, that daunt remotest kings, Thy firm unshak'n vertue ever brinRate it:

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Picture of Daniel in the Lion's Den at Hamilton Palace
William Wordsworth
is the Prophet calm, nor would the cave Daunt him - if his Companions, now bedrowsed Yawning and liRate it:

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Alfred Austin
are fledged, and everywhere. Nought can daunt you, nought distress, Neither cold nor sunlessness. YRate it:

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Sam's Racehorse
Marriott Edgar
knew buying 'orses was tricky, But that didn't daunt him at all; He said "They must rise early 't Rate it:

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The Creole Girl; Or, The Physician’s Story
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
away; Suffering and sad;--for easy 'twas to daunt One who on earth had no protecting stay. XV. Rate it:

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The Dream of Man
William Watson
ascent, Man the unwearied climber Pauseless and dauntless went. Æons rolled behind him With thunderRate it:

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