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A Swinburnian Interlude
Robert Fuller Murray
sour. Sweet to the blithe bucolic Who knows nor cribs nor crams, Who sees the frisky frolic Of lanRate it:

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Another Spring Carol
Alfred Austin
with a love that is sure and stable, Their cosy cribs under last year's gable. The blackcaps treblRate it:

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As Children bid the Guest "Good Night"
Emily Dickinson
that it is Morn— My flowers from a hundred cribs Will peep, and prance again. Rate it:

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At a Pantomime. By a Bilious One
William Schwenck Gilbert
his ghastly features down The actor's art he cribs, - A long and a flowing padded gown. Bedecks hisRate it:

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Brogan's Lane
Louis Esson
to the long last lane. With opium dens, sly cribs, bones and rags, ’Tis the haunt of thieves,Rate it:

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Julot The Apache
Robert William Service
artistry of crime, And he would tell of cracking cribs and cops and doing time; Or else when he wasRate it:

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Old Schooldays
Andrew Barton Paterson
with tasks half understood, Alas, alas, that cribs should be so cheap! The journey down to town Rate it:

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Rhymes Locked Right
Mario William Vitale
I thought I had use their money for their new cribs day by day is impossible to cope think that i&Rate it:

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The Ghosts Of The Trees
Isabella Valancy Crawford
shining slides, On my gloss'd tides, The brown cribs close woven roll'd; The stout logs sprung, TheRate it:

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The Shepherds Calendar - January- Winters Day
John Clare
wi idle pace they draw To brouze the upheapd cribs of straw While whining hogs wi hungry roar CrowdRate it:

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The Trucker
Edward George Dyson
candle burning dimly at the curve. After cribs are polished off, and when the smoke begins to riseRate it:

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What Smith Knew About Farming
James Whitcomb Riley
dribs, And patents to keep the rats out o' the cribs-- Reapers and mowers, And patent grain sowers;Rate it:

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