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As far as your Rifles Cover
Henry Lawson
you'll hold the land – the land that your rifles cover. Till your gold has levelled each mountainRate it:

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Suggested by the Cover of a Volume of Keats's Poems
Amy Lowell
bird, who chose thee for a sign To put upon the cover of this book? Who heard thee singing in theRate it:

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We Cover Thee—Sweet Face
Emily Dickinson
We Cover Thee—Sweet Face— Not that We tire of Thee— But that Thyself fatigue of Us— Remember—as Thou go— We follow Thee until Thou notice Us—no mor...Rate it:

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On A Plant Of Virgin's-Bower, Designed To Cover A Garden-seat
William Cowper
Thrive, gentle plant! and weave a bower For Mary and for me, And deck with many a splendid flower Thy foliage large and free. Thou camest from Ear...Rate it:

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On The Cover Of John B. Tabb's Late London Volume
John Bannister Tabb
His eyes are dim; And so for him, They thought in London, 'twas enough To bind his book in blind-man's buff. Rate it:

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This Very nakedness.
Nikhil Parekh
Cover it with the most ethereal traces of clouds; insouciantly dying in the wisps of nonchalantly lugubrious oblivion, Cover it with the most pat...Rate it:

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An Absolute winner
Nikhil Parekh
As long as the tree had clusters of leaves covering its naked body; it was in state of perennial bliss; relaxing splendidly in the shade; well sequ...Rate it:

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A Litany
Algernon Charles Swinburne
night shall be as seven That its skirts may cover thee; I will send on thy strong men a sword, On tRate it:

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Carl Sandburg
Cover me over In dusk and dust and dreams. Cover me over And leave me alone. Cover me over, You tireless, great. Hear me and cover me, Br...Rate it:

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60 Newest Poems By Mario W. Vitale
ario William Vitale
in sun Each noon the milk fog sank from cloud cover, came in our clothes and held them tighter on Rate it:

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Theodosia Garrison
stain about your mouth No lifted hand may cover?" "From eating of forbidden fruit, BrotherRate it:

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Lochiel's Warning
Thomas Campbell
around thy old wavering sight! This mantle, to cover the phantoms of fright. Wizard. - Ha! laugh'sRate it:

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Leon Gellert
and leave me, and let me Stand By my dead. Cover those staring eyes and go And stab in the red, reRate it:

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Brothers O' Mine
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Green. Brothers o' mine, brothers o' mine! Cover your drunkenness, cover your spite! Brother in Rate it:

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5 Newest Pieces By Mario Vitale & Bio
Mario William Vitale
in sun Each noon the milk fog sank from cloud cover, came in our clothes and held them tighter on Rate it:

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A Friend's Song for Simoisius
Louise Imogen Guiney
be Would stay his waters from the sea, To cover Troy, to cover me, To save us from the perishingRate it:

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A Young Rebel
Alice Guerin Crist
over a volume worn, Whose green-clad cover, dusty and torn, Bears a 'harp without a crown'. The yoRate it:

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Algernon Charles Swinburne
chambers wrought and fashioned With gold and covering of blue, And the blue raiment of thine head WRate it:

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At Fredericksburg—Dec. 13, 1862
John Boyle O'Reilly
lie in the works till they near them, And cover the stormers as upward they come. Was ever a deathRate it:

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Bayonet Song
Sydney Thompson Dobell
the glory? You see How the land lies? This fox-cover up the long rise, Then fifty paces of open, anRate it:

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Hermann And Dorothea - IV. Euterpe
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
long-reaching garden, Where was the arbour all cover'd with woodbine: she found not her son there, Rate it:

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Lament Of The Winds
Archibald Lampman
the grave wherein she lies With their bodies cover, cover, With their hearts that love her, love heRate it:

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Hilda Doolittle
NOR skin nor hide nor fleece Shall cover you, Nor curtain of crimson nor fine Shelter of cedar-wood be over you, Nor the fir-tree Nor the pine. N...Rate it:

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Mowgli's Song Against People
Rudyard Kipling
fall; And the Karela, the bitter Karela, Shall cover it all! In the gates of these your councils mRate it:

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Obsessed To sleep
Nikhil Parekh
dry gusty wind, mammoth bedspread of tree leaf cover, sapphire blue puffs of drifting cloud mass,Rate it:

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