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A Modern Courtship
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
Why turn from me thus with such petulant pride, When I ask thee, sweet Edith, to be my bride; When I offer the gift of heart fond and true, And wit...Rate it:

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A Motor Courtship
Andrew Barton Paterson
Into her presence he gaily pranced, A very fat spark, and a bit advanced. With a Samson tread on the earth he trod, He was stayed and gaitered, ...Rate it:

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A Year's Courtship
Henry Timrod
I saw her, Harry, first, in March -- You know the street that leadeth down By the old bridge's crumbling arch? -- Just where it leaves the dusty to...Rate it:

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Courtship of Miles Standish, The
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
I MILES STANDISH In the Old Colony days, in Plymouth the land of the Pilgrims To and fro in a room of his simple and prim...Rate it:

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The Courtship of Miles Standish
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
I MILES STANDISH In the Old Colony days, in Plymouth the land of the Pilgrims To and fro in a room of his simple and primi...Rate it:

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The Courtship of the Future
James Brunton Stephens
HE. “What is a kiss?”—Why, long ago, When pairs, as we, a-wooing sat, They used to put their four lips. . . . so, . . . And make a chirping noise. ...Rate it:

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The Courtship of the Yonghy-Bonghy-Bo
Edward Lear
I On the Coast of Coromandel Where the early pumpkins blow, In the middle of the woods Lived the Yonghy-Bonghy-Bò. Two old chairs, and half a can...Rate it:

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The Courtship Of Young John
Alice Guerin Crist
Fields of lucerne and waving wheat, White-washed sheds, and cottage neat, Nesting orchards and mulberry trees, Scented flowers round hives of bees,...Rate it:

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Pantoum for the Dancing Cranes
Marieta Maglas
and dramatic leaps. They form pairs of a courtship ritual, In wing-flapping dances, they play foRate it:

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A Border Burn
Alfred Austin
shade, ``Trembles to tale of manhood brave, Or courtship long and sweet, And sometimes in your freRate it:

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A Devout Lover
Thomas Randolph
my beads, with devout care, And come unto my courtship as my prayer. Rate it:

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Robert Herrick
give, and what retract a grace; What gesture, courtship, comeliness agrees, With those thy primitivRate it:

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AN ELEGY Upon Mrs. Kirk unfortunately drowned in Thames
Henry King
be lov'd, but the Brooks smile Shunn'd like the courtship of a Crocodile; And where the Current dRate it:

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An Epitaph
Andrew Marvell
to Fame! 'Tis to commend her, but to name. Courtship which, living, she declined, When dead, to Rate it:

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An honest Valentine
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
famed for blindness, Lovers--hem! for lies. Courtship's mighty pretty, Wedlock a sweet sight;-- Rate it:

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Bashful Gleeson
Edward George Dyson
Hogan in a pleasant Sunday mill, Gleeson’s courtship went no further till the morning of the fire. Rate it:

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Black Lizzie
Henry Kendall
woo you roughly it is said: Their way of courtship is a blow Struck with a nullah on the head. ItRate it:

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Certain Maxims of Hafiz
Rudyard Kipling
give him no rest. XI. Pleasant the snaffle of Courtship, improving the manners and carriage; But Rate it:

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Fingal - Book IV
James Macpherson
his own actions at the lake of Lego, and his courtship of Everallin, who was the mother of Oscar, aRate it:

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Forby Sutherland
George Gordon McCrae
sank the sun out o’er the sea, Sweet day of courtship fond,… the last! The holy hours of twiRate it:

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Dante Gabriel Rossetti
mantle sheltered 'neath the hedge In gloaming courtship? And, O God! to-day He only knows he holds Rate it:

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God is a distant—stately Lover
Emily Dickinson
as He states us—by His Son— Verily, a Vicarious Courtship— "Miles", and "Priscilla", were such an ORate it:

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In Memoriam 131: O Living Will That Shalt Endure
Alfred Lord Tennyson
woods, to roam the park, Discussing how their courtship grew, And talk of others that are wed, AnRate it:

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Nebuchadnezzar's Fall
Robert Graves
hand searching the skies for food, Here for his courtship of Heaven's high stars he shall smart, NeRate it:

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New Light Unspoken
Kurt Philip Behm
wearing Sun’s setting mask Through endless courtship Faith on the run A Jester whispers “Your dreaRate it:

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