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Corporal Stare
Robert Graves
him swagger up the street, Just like a live man—Corporal Stare! Stare! Killed last May at FestuberRate it:

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Corporal Schnapps
Henry Clay Work
Mine heart ish proken into little pits, I tells you, friend, what for; Mine schweetheart, von coot patriotic kirl, She trives me off mit der war. I...Rate it:

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A Message: Armistice Day 1936
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Mick, a fightin' cove I knoo. (But 'e's Digger Corporal Mick Esquire, late A.I.F., to you) 'E gotRate it:

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Comrades An Episode
Robert Nichols
lurked against the wish. No hope for him! His corporal, as one shamed, Vainly and helplessly his ilRate it:

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Orange peel
John Milton Hayes
Sergeant, starting in to Apostrophized the Corporal, thus, ‘You lazy, lumberin’, boss-eyed lout! WRate it:

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The Shut-Eye Sentry
Rudyard Kipling
it all, An' the ten-foot ditch beside. An' the corporal pulled an' the sergeant pushed, An' the tRate it:

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Alan Parry-Booth
then, within a year or so He earned his Corporal’s stripes. Soon, promoted Sergeant Bye He led hisRate it:

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Thomas Hardy
By Corporal Tullidge. See "The Trumpet-Major" In Memory of S. C. (Pensioner). Died 184- WE trenched, we trumpeted and drum...Rate it:

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A Ballad of John Nicholson
Sir Henry Newbolt
land to strife -- "Were I," he said, "but a Corporal, And you a Rajput King, So long as the souRate it:

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Ralph Waldo Emerson
him in his words, The form is his own corporal form, And his thought the penal worm. Yet shine forRate it:

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Brunton Stephens
James Brunton Stephens
clothed with flesh, partaker of our state, Made corporal in us now corporate! Ah, now we know the Rate it:

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Rudyard Kipling
a thundering drink and blacking the Corporal's eye. With a second-hand overcoat underRate it:

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Francis Thompson
importunate and thronging feet That round our corporal walls unheeded beat; Till, all containing, hRate it:

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In flanders
Eugene Field
suppose that the trouble arose With a certain Corporal Sanders, Who sought to abuse the wooden shoRate it:

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Joey’s Job
Edward George Dyson
that Heaven meant me for.” Jo went away a corporal and fought again the Turk, And like a duck Rate it:

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Charles Harpur
Too late perhaps, since he endured so much Of corporal anguish, sweating bloody sweat; But not aRate it:

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Mr. Barney Maguire's Account of The Coronation
Richard Harris Barham
Och! 'twas mighty fine To see how asy bould Corporal Casey, With his swoord drawn, prancing, madeRate it:

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Pharaoh and the Sergeant
Rudyard Kipling
still continue Sergeant Whatisname -- Private, Corporal, Colour-Sergeant, and Instructor -- But theRate it:

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Sir Hornbook
Thomas Love Peacock
sad, And all the rest were Mute. He called his Corporal, Syllable, To range the scatter'd throng; Rate it:

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Song For Heroes
Ellis Parker Butler
Haw! His widow is now Mrs. Schmitt! Corporal Dunn was a volunteer bold; He plunged in the deadliesRate it:

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The Countersign
Anonymous Americas
bayonet at the charge I wait - The corporal gives the mystic spell; With arms aport I charge my matRate it:

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The Diggers
Leon Gellert
say, and from where I am lying, I hear a new corporal calling the roll. But the diggers dig on and Rate it:

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The Fruit Shop
Amy Lowell
I paid for them down in silver money. The Corporal's widow is witness, her pony Brought them in at Rate it:

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The Heart: Two Sonnets
Francis Thompson
make Him, yawn unfilled. II O nothing, in this corporal earth of man, That to the imminent heavenRate it:

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The Roll of the Kettledrum
Adam Lindsay Gordon
Ewart, our sergeant, was humming a song, Lance-corporal Black Will was blaspheming and cursing. ORate it:

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