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Ocean: An Ode. Concluding with A wish.*
Edward Young
I lead the choir, And they conspire With voice and shell to lift it high; VRate it:

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The Disappointment
Aphra Behn
self no longer; All things did with his Love conspire, The gilded Planet of the Day, In his gay ChRate it:

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Ballad III
Christine de Pizan
hand, I ween, Nor yet my pen, did in the task conspire. No help is clear Save Death, when God Rate it:

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Chest Without A Name
Kurt Philip Behm
one drawer open every night in case my dreams conspire The thickest warmest woolen clads to wrRate it:

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To S. M. A Young African Painter, On Seeing His Works
Phillis Wheatley
the poet's fire To aid thy pencil, and thy verse conspire! And may the charms of each seraphic themRate it:

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The Evening Darkens Over
Robert Seymour Bridges
sight; And as the sun goes under, Thick clouds conspire to cover The moon that should rise yonder. Rate it:

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A Letter from Italy
Joseph Addison
Where the soft season and inviting clime Conspire to trouble your repose with rhyme. Rate it:

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A New Damon And Pythias
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
retire And, to confound him, with my friends conspire.) Exit both, apparently in tears, but eyeingRate it:

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A Curse For A Nation
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
is the curse. Write. Ye shall watch while kings conspire Round the people's smouldering fire, Rate it:

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A Dialogue between Old England and New
Anne Bradstreet
Armado. 47 Doth your Ally, fair France, conspire your wrack, 48 Or doth the Scots play false beRate it:

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A Dialogue Betwixt God And The Soul
Sir Henry Wotton
Immortalitie. G. I, and some few pure Souls conspire, And burn both in a mutual fire, For whom I'Rate it:

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A Legend Of Christ's Nativity
Duncan Campbell Scott
and lines of fire; When triple darkness did conspire, The secret founts of light were bared. And aRate it:

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A Nightmare
William Schwenck Gilbert
your brain is on fire - the bedclothes conspire of usual slumber to plunder you: First your counterRate it:

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A salutation of his Majesties Ship the Soveraign
Henry King
O never may cross wind, or swelling wave Conspire to make the treach'rous sands thy grave: Nor eRate it:

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A Tavern feast
Thomas Parnell
Jests ran all the table round & with ye wine conspire While they by sly reflections wound To Set thRate it:

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Katharine Tynan
me, so he may not go!' Calling on Heaven that it conspire Against him and his heart's desire. God Rate it:

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An Epistle To William Hogarth
Charles Churchill
shalt thou find, whilst friends with foes conspire, To give more proof than virtue would desire, TRate it:

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An Imitation Of Some French Verses
Thomas Parnell
encreas'd the more; But Years with coming Years conspire To break the Chains I wore. In Weakness saRate it:

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Anacreontick I
Thomas Parnell
Jests run all the Table round, And with the Wine conspire, (While they by sly Reflection wound,) ToRate it:

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Aux proscrits
Victor Marie Hugo
EN PLANTANT LE CHÊNE DES ÉTATS-UNIS D'EUROPE DANS LE JARDIN DE HAUTEVILLE HOUSE LE 14 JUILLET 1870 I Semons ce qui demeure, ô passants que nous...Rate it:

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Britannia Rediviva: A Poem on the Birth of the Prince
John Dryden
could bring. Or did the mighty Trinity conspire, As once in council to create our sire? It seemsRate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
name of Man again. There, where the elements conspire To end a world at one swift stroke. Stirred Rate it:

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Caught In The Ebbing Tide: A Reminiscence Of Raxtox Cliffs
Theodore Watts-Dunton
like this. These swirls denote How wind and tide conspire. I can but float To the open sea and striRate it:

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Christ's Triumph after Death (excerpts)
Giles Fletcher The Younger
Among whose infant leaves the joyous birds conspire. III And now the taller Sons (whom Titan wRate it:

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Cloris Charmes
Anne Killigrew
dares not view the Ball. For Snakes and Toads conspire, To make them up a Quire. And for their LighRate it:

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