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Vision Of Columbus - Book 9
Joel Barlow
isles, and Europe's shores, Proud wealth and commerce heap their growing stores, While his own westRate it:

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William Wilfred Campbell
a true heart beats, Wherever the rivers of commerce flow, Wherever the bugles of conquest blow, WheRate it:

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Let’s Be Fools To-Night
Henry Lawson
We, three men of commerce, Striving wealth to raise, See but little promise In the coming days; Though our hearts are brittle, Hardened near to sto...Rate it:

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Queen Mab: Part V.
Percy Bysshe Shelley
it longs, yet fears, to disenthrall. 'Hence commerce springs, the venal interchange Of all that huRate it:

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A poem, on the rising glory of America
Hugh Henry Brackenridge
Alexandria, where the Ptolomies. Taught golden commerce to unfurl her falls, And bid fair scienceRate it:

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By my Window have I for Scenery
Emily Dickinson
side— And the upper side—is the Sun— And its Commerce—if Commerce it have— Of Spice—I infer from thRate it:

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John Milton Hayes
up geography, work out your sums, Build up your commerce, and pull down your slums; Sail on a PlimsRate it:

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The Columbiad: Book IV
Joel Barlow
upon the affairs of Europe. Improvement in commerce; government. Revival of letters. Order of the JRate it:

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The Spirit Of Discovery By Sea - Book The Fourth
William Lisle Bowles
Stand on the gleaming Pharos, and aloud Shout, Commerce, to the kingdoms of the earth; Shout, for thy golden portals are set wide, And all thy stre...Rate it:

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The Star
Henry Vaughan
thy gate and guile; 5 Though thy close commerce nought at all imbars 6 My present search, Rate it:

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The Wardens of the Seas
Edwin James Brady
on all the coasts they stand Tall seneschals of commerce, High Wardens of the Strand -- The whRate it:

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The Blues Hotel
Sterling Warner
Hotel Weathered time’s ravages Struck cords of commerce as Hookers dispense advice Like ATM machiRate it:

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The Ship-Builders
John Greenleaf Whittier
unfurled, She helps to wind the silken chain Of commerce round the world! Speed on the ship! But leRate it:

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Ocean: An Ode. Concluding with A wish.*
Edward Young
Of wealth and force? Vast field of commerce and big war: Where wondersRate it:

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A Dorset Idyl
Francis Turner Palgrave
grows stronger than elsewhere. Should changeful commerce shun the shore, And newer, mightier racesRate it:

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A Mixed Battle Song
Henry Lawson
did it, ’Twould be better for Australia if her “commerce” was destroyed. You may say that war’s aRate it:

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A Pact
Ezra Pound
have one sap and one root - Let there be commerce between us. Rate it:

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Amalfi. (Birds Of Passage. Flight The Fourth)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
those splendors of the past, And the commerce and the crowd! Fathoms deep beneath the seas Lie the Rate it:

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Edwin Arlington Robinson
loud progress, and the bold Incessant scream of commerce ringing clear; But though the trumpets ofRate it:

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At Twilight
Harriet Monroe
the skirts of her purple gown, And lifts up her commerce castles Like a jewel-studded crown. See,Rate it:

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Paul Laurence Dunbar
signs 'To Let,' 'To Buy,' 'To Sell.' And Commerce holds them fierce and fell; With vulgar sport sheRate it:

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Beachy Head
Charlotte Smith
hanging in the horizon, laden deep, The ship of commerce richly freighted, makes Her slower progrRate it:

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Book Fifth-Books
William Wordsworth
spirit. Thou also, man! hast wrought, For commerce of thy nature with herself, Things that aspire tRate it:

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Book Fourteenth [conclusion]
William Wordsworth
our conductor, pensively we sank Each into commerce with his private thoughts: Thus did we breast tRate it:

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British Association, Notes of the President's Address
James Clerk Maxwell
chisel, made gods in the likeness of men; Till Commerce arose, and at length some men of exceptionaRate it:

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