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The Mysterious Cat
Vachel Lindsay
A chant for a children's pantomime dance, suggested by a picture painted by George Mather Richards. I saw a proud, mysterious cat, I saw a proud, ...Rate it:

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Beware the cat
William Baldwin
This little book Bevvare the Cat moste pleasantly compil'd: In time obscured was and so, siince that hath been exilde. Exilde, because perchaunce ...Rate it:

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For I Will Consider My Cat Jeoffry (excerpt, Jubilate Agno)
Christopher Smart
For I will consider my Cat Jeoffry. For he is the servant of the Living God duly and daily serving him. For at the first glance of the glory of Go...Rate it:

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Clinton Scollard
I shan’t tell you what’s his name: When we want to play a game, Always thinks that he’ll be hurt, Soil his jacket in the dirt, Tear his trousers, s...Rate it:

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Le Chat (The Cat)
Charles Baudelaire
Viens, mon beau chat, sur mon coeur amoureux; Retiens les griffes de ta patte, Et laisse-moi plonger dans tes beaux yeux, Mêlés de métal et d'agate...Rate it:

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The Cat of Cats
William Brighty Rands
I am the cat of cats. I am The everlasting cat! Cunning, and old, and sleek as jam, The everlasting cat! I hunt vermin in the night- The everlastin...Rate it:

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The curse of the black cat
Keith Rideout
Ron and I were walking on our way home from school A black cat crosses our pathway and it turns our heads We chase after the cat to scare the dick...Rate it:

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Lisy's Parting With Her Cat
James Thomson
The dreadful hour with leaden pace approached, Lashed fiercely on by unrelenting fate, When Lisy and her bosom Cat must part: For now to school and...Rate it:

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Waitin' Fer The Cat To Die
James Whitcomb Riley
Lawzy! don't I rickollect That-'air old swing in the lane! Right and proper, I expect, Old times _can't_ come back again; But I want to state, ef t...Rate it:

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
WHILE he is mark'd by vision clear Who fathoms Nature's treasures, The man may follow, void of fear, Who her proportions measures. Though for one m...Rate it:

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Mistress Gurton's Cat
Mary Darby Robinson
Old MISTRESS GURTON had a Cat, A Tabby, loveliest of the race, Sleek as a doe, and tame, and fat With velvet paws, and whisker'd face; The Doves of...Rate it:

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The Retired Cat
William Cowper
A poet's cat, sedate and grave As poet well could wish to have, Was much addicted to inquire For nooks to which she might retire, And ...Rate it:

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Milk For The Cat
Harold Monro
When the tea is brought at five o'clock, And all the neat curtains are drawn with care, The little black cat with bright green eyes Is suddenly pur...Rate it:

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Nellie's Lament for the Pirnhouse Cat
Ellen Johnston
Killed by the Elevator, C----e Factory, Dundee Oh ! fare-ye-weel my bonnie cat, Nae mair I'll smooth yer skin sae black. Mony a time I stroked ye...Rate it:

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The Cat And The Moon
William Butler Yeats
THE cat went here and there And the moon spun round like a top, And the nearest kin of the moon, The creeping cat, looked up. Black Minnaloushe sta...Rate it:

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The Eagle, The Sow, And The Cat
Anne Kingsmill Finch
THE Queen of Birds, t'encrease the Regal Stock, Had hatch'd her young Ones in a stately Oak, Whose Middle-part was by a Cat possest, And near th...Rate it:

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To My Lord Buckhurst, Very Young, Playing With A Cat
Matthew Prior
The amorous youth, whose tender breast Was by his darling Cat possest, Obtain'd of Venus his desire, Howe'er irregular his fire: Nature the power o...Rate it:

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Verses On A Cat
Percy Bysshe Shelley
I. A cat in distress, Nothing more, nor less; Good folks, I must faithfully tell ye, As I am a sinner, It waits for some dinner To stuff out its o...Rate it:

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Having slept, the cat gets up
Kobayashi Issa
Having slept, the cat gets up, yawns, goes out to make love. Translated by Robert Hass Rate it:

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A Cat
Edward Thomas
She had a name among the children; But no one loved though someone owned Her, locked her out of doors at bedtime And had her kittens duly drowned. ...Rate it:

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a fancy-free cat
Masaoka Shiki
a fancy-free cat is about to catch a quail Rate it:

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Ad Juvencium. Cat. Ep. 49.
Richard Lovelace
AD JUVENCIUM. CAT. EP. 49. Mellitos oculos tuos, Juvenci, Si quis me sinat usque basiare, Usque ad millia basiem trecenta; Nec unquam videat satu...Rate it:

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Ad Lesbiam, Cat. Ep. 73
Richard Lovelace
AD LESBIAM, CAT. EP. 73. Dicebas quondam, solum to nosse Catullum, Lesbia, nec prae me velle tenere Jovem; Dilexi tum te, non tantum ut vulgus a...Rate it:

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Ad Quintium. Cat. Ep. 83
Richard Lovelace
AD QUINTIUM. CAT. EP. 83. Quinti, si tibi vis oculos debere Catullum, Aut aliud si quid carius est oculis, Eripere ei noli, multo quod carius il...Rate it:

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Cat Parody on Poe's
Anonymous Americas
The other night while we lay musing, and our weary brain confusing o'er the topics of the day, Suddenly we heard a rattling, as of serious hosts a-...Rate it:

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