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The Charter;
Helen Maria Williams
mutual barter, This solemn league we'll call a CHARTER ! Th' allusion never can be wrong, White omeRate it:

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The Curse Of The Charter-Breakers
John Greenleaf Whittier
IN Westminster's royal halls, Robed in their pontificals, England's ancient prelates stood For the people's right and good. Closed around the waiti...Rate it:

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Magna Carta
Marriott Edgar
I'll tell of the Magna Charter As were signed at the Barons' command On Runningmead Island in t' middle of t' Thames By King John, as were known ...Rate it:

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Wat Tyler - Act III
Robert Southey
His plighted promise. (Cry without) —The Charter!—the Charter! (Enter Mob and Herald.) TOM MRate it:

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Gotham - Book I
Charles Churchill
process the whole race enslaved, Cut off that charter they from Nature drew, And made them slaves Rate it:

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John Greenleaf Whittier
has gone! To the land of the South, of the charter and chain, Of Liberty sweetened with Slavery's pRate it:

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The Task: Book V, The Winter Morning Walk (excerpts)
William Cowper
And seal'd with the same token. It is held By charter, and that charter sanction'd sure By th'Rate it:

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A Dialogue Of Self And Soul
William Butler Yeats
the night, And claim as by a soldier's right A charter to commit the crime once more. i{My Soul.} SRate it:

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Rural Elegance, An Ode to the Late Duchess of Somerset
William Shenstone
comprehensive and more free, Her lavish charter, taste, appropriates all we see. Let gondolas theiRate it:

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A Dream
Robert Burns
hang out, that she'll discern, Your hymeneal charter; Then heave aboard your grapple airn, An' lRate it:

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A Summons
John Greenleaf Whittier
peace, the freedom Nature gave us, God and our charter? Here shall the statesman forge his human feRate it:

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Scotch Drink
Robert Burns
hoast May kill us a'; For loyal Eorbes' charter'd boast Is taen awa! They curst horse-leRate it:

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A Christmas Hymn
Joseph Furphy
prime That hail'd Messiah's birth, The charter of a coming time When Love shall rule the earth, Rate it:

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After Election
John Greenleaf Whittier
as of the hisoh's tread! There rustled freedom's Charter Oak! In that wild burst the Ozarks spoke! Rate it:

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An Essay on Death and a Prison
Henry King
Hath in her womb a sanctuary gain'd, Whose charter and protection arm him so, That he is privileRate it:

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Alfred Austin
our never flinching martyr For the very largest charter we could coax from ``Right Divine,'' That hRate it:

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At Washington
John Greenleaf Whittier
for party's place; Step by step on Freedom's charter Leaving footprints of disgrace; For to-day's pRate it:

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Book Agent Story
James McIntyre
the first martyr Who had died for Christian charter. When Brown did home return at night His wifeRate it:

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Brunton Stephens
James Brunton Stephens
blaze. * * * * * The Charter's read: the rites are o'er; The trumpet's blare anRate it:

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Christmas in the year of the War
Katharine Tynan
from wars, By the cold light of stars. The charter of their peace shall stand Writ by His hour-Rate it:

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Elegy On Newstead Abbey
George Gordon Lord Byron
to abbots, in a line, succeed; Religion's charter their protecting shield, Till royal sacrilege thRate it:

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Epistle To Earl Harcourt, On His Wishing Her To Spell Her Name With Of Catherine With A K.
Joanna Baillie
outlin'd, with a master's hand, Th' immortal charter of the land; Alfred, whom yet these realms obeRate it:

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Everyday Characters V - Portrait Of A Lady
Winthrop Mackworth Praed
theme. And Canning's wit, and Gatton's charter. Here, of the fortunes of your youth. My fancy weRate it:

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Fill A Bumper of Water
John Pierpont
love, And aid to a friend should he need it, Our Charter's recorded by Angels above, Then success tRate it:

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For a Column At Runnymede
Mark Akenside
rendered tame) did challenge and secure The charter of thy freedom. Pass not on Till thouRate it:

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