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Each life converges to some centre
Emily Dickinson
Each life converges to some centre Expressed or still; Exists in every human nature A goal, Admitted scarcely to itself, it may be, Too fair For c...Rate it:

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Sonnet 146: Poor soul, the centre of my sinful earth
William Shakespeare
Poor soul, the centre of my sinful earth, My sinful earth these rebel powers array, Why dost thou pine within and suffer dearth, Painting thy outwa...Rate it:

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A Mathematical Problem
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
it: Aid us, Reason--aid us, Wit! II. From the centre A. at the distance A. B. Describe the circle Rate it:

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In War-Time: A Prayer Of The Understanding
Sydney Thompson Dobell
desire of summer signs. And thou, oh sun, our centre, who thyself Art satellite, and, conscious of Rate it:

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O World Of Many Worlds
Wilfred Owen
O World of many worlds, O life of lives, What centre hast thou? Where am I? O whither is it thy fierce onrush drives? Fight I, or drift; or stand; ...Rate it:

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Azure and Gold
Amy Lowell
gem, Many-faceted, brilliant and rare. Centre Stone of the earth's diadem! Centre Stone of the Rate it:

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From Far Dakota's Canons
Walt Whitman
and momentary proof, (The sun there at the centre though conceal'd, Electric life forever at Rate it:

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From ‘Paracelsus’
Robert Browning
whate’er you may believe. There is an inmost centre in us all, Where truth abides in fullness; Rate it:

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The Battle of Atbara
William Topaz McGonagall
the right, And the Seaforth Highlanders in the centre, 'twas a most gorgeous sight, And the WarwickRate it:

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The Battle of Sheriffmuir
William Topaz McGonagall
horse, posted in the rear all along. And the centre of the first line was composed of ten battaliRate it:

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The Reality Of Contemplation.
Liam Comáin
heart, in fact It is more for God must be at the centre Of our hearts: the centre Of all centres.Rate it:

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A Boston Ballad, 1854
Walt Whitman
it with foot and dragoons. This centre-piece for them: Look! all orderly citizens--lRate it:

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Alan Parry-Booth
memories unfurled Back at last in Caerdydd The centre of the world. We all enjoyed an Italian luncRate it:

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Autour de ma maison
Emile Verhaeren
je me sens vivre, avec mon coeur, Comme au centre de leur ardeur. Alors les tendres fleurs et les Rate it:

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I Grant You Ample Leave
George Eliot
Being looking from the dark, The core, the centre of your consciousness, That notes your bubbRate it:

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Love In A Life
Robert Browning
the wide house from the wing to the centre. Still the same chance! She goes out as I enter. Spend mRate it:

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to begin a new chart Support stems from the centre of a vehement heart With a history cursively wrRate it:

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The Truth Within Reality
Ehsan Sehgal
were Walking along with the shops Of the centre of the city A young Asian boy Came to them He askedRate it:

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Upon The Nipples Of Julia's Breast
Robert Herrick
else a cherry (double graced) Within a lily? Centre placed? Or ever marked the pretty beam A strawbRate it:

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Ask not the cause why sullen spring
John Dryden
ofToronto Library)Scanning: Sharine Leung (Centre for Computing in the Humanities) Rate it:

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One Crucifixion is recorded—only
Emily Dickinson
but a Province—in the Being's Centre— Judea— For Journey—or Crusade's Achieving— Too near— Our LorRate it:

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The Summons
Ezra Pound
thee thus; But as I am ever swept upward To the centre of all truth So must I bear thee with me RapRate it:

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Book Second [School-Time Continued]
William Wordsworth
our small market village, was the goal Or centre of these sports; and when, returned After long absRate it:

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Lineson Thorold
James McIntyre
new. * Niagara, once the capital and business centre of Upper Canada, and also an important foRate it:

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A Ballad of Hell
John Davidson
bathed her spirit in the flame, And near the centre took her post; From all sides to her ears thereRate it:

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