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In August
Katharine Lee Bates
BESIDE the country road with truant grace Wild carrot lifts its circles of white lace. From vines whose interwoven branches drape The old stone wal...Rate it:

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Robinson Crusoe's Story
Charles Edward Carryl
animals you see; And we take along a carrot As refreshment for the parrot, And a littleRate it:

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The Poetry of A Root Crop
Charles Kingsley
swede and golden globe, Feathered carrot, burrowing deep, Steadfast wait in charmed sleep; TreasureRate it:

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Aftermath's Of Pinching
Nikhil Parekh
heart, poked my ribs with icy cold vegetable of carrot, turbulent voices advocated my penchant foRate it:

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All That I Wanted To See
Nikhil Parekh
sizzling hot sunshine, All that the carrot wanted to see; was a blanket of clammy mud; varied pilRate it:

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Baseball and Writing
Marianne Moore
privacy!) Cow's milk, "tiger's milk," soy milk, carrot juice, brewer's yeast (high-potency-- concRate it:

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Robinson Jeffers
is merely contemptible, the dangled Carrot the ass follows to market or precipice; But limitaRate it:

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Digging 2
Edward Thomas
scents dead leaves yield, And bracken, and wild carrot's seed, And the square mustard field; OdourRate it:

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Epitaph on a Hare
William Cowper
And, when his juicy salads fail’d, Slic’d carrot pleas’d him well. A Turkey carpet was his lawRate it:

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For Anne Gregory
William Butler Yeats
set such colour there, Brown, or black, or carrot, That young men in despair May love me for myselfRate it:

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Maximum Pleasure
Nikhil Parekh
masticating rubicund morsels of glistening carrot; nibbling at the roots in lazy exultation, The Rate it:

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Ode to Rae Wilson Esq.
Thomas Hood
in his mouth! Mere verbiage,—it is not worth a carrot! Why, Socrates—or Plato—where's the odds?— ORate it:

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Pigeon Toes
Henry Lawson
call me ‘Pigeon Toes,’ ‘Green Eyes’ and ‘Carrot Head.’ On phantom seas of endless change My thougRate it:

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Queen Anne's Lace
William Carlos Williams
so remote a thing. It is a field of the wild carrot taking thefield by force; the grass does noRate it:

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Reply to the Above, by F.W.F.
James Clerk Maxwell
if my cabbage growth be slow I'll try to be a carrot, Or still remain a lark—but know I'll not be PRate it:

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Signior Dildo
Lord John Wilmot
sound, safe, ready, and dumb As ever was candle, carrot, or thumb; Then away with these nasty devicRate it:

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Stages Of A Day
Nikhil Parekh
at peak of sunrise, a glass of crushed carrot juice, with few milligrams of vitamin extract, folRate it:

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Tema con Variazioni
Lewis Carroll

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The Devil Of Pope-Fig Island
La Fontaine
of grain, 'twill better be to chop, And take a carrot, or a turnip crop; You then, my lord, will suRate it:

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Theme with Variations
Lewis Carroll
trace, with half an eye, The still triumphant carrot through Rate it:

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Robert William Service
On milk and oaten meal I'd live, With carrot, kail and cheese; The greens that tiny gardRate it:

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