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Lo gens temps de pascor
Bernard de Ventadorn
Lo gens temps de pascor ab la frescha verdor nos adui folh'e flor de diversa color, per que tuih amador son gai e chantador mas eu, que planh e plo...Rate it:

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Strict Joy
James Stephens
To-day i felt as poor O’Brien did When, turning from all else that was not his, He took himself to that which was his own — He took him to his vers...Rate it:

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Lady Jane
Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch
Sapphics. Down the green hill-side fro' the castle window Lady Jane spied Bill Amaranth a-workin'; Day by day watched him go about his ample Nur...Rate it:

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The Trail Of Ninety-Eight
Robert William Service
Gold! We leapt from our benches. Gold! We sprang from our stools. Gold! We wheeled in the furrow, fired with the faith of fools. Fearless, unfound,...Rate it:

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A Fatherless Child
Kevin Ryan Murray
You made me, you left me, you never even cared I was your second child and you still weren't prepared On the lonely nights was i was sad I found m...Rate it:

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The White Cliffs
Alice Duer Miller
I I have loved England, dearly and deeply, Since that first morning, shining and pure, The white cliffs of Dover I saw rising steeply Out of th...Rate it:

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Edith Nesbit
THREE months had passed since she had knelt before The grate of the confessional, and he, --The priest--had wondered why she came no more To tel...Rate it:

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Book Agent Story
James McIntyre
As we have given several humorous Scottish stories in verse we will venture to trespass on your good nature by giving an American specimen. The sce...Rate it:

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Character Of Charles Brown
John Keats
I. He is to weet a melancholy carle: Thin in the waist, with bushy head of hair As hath the seeded thistle when in parle It holds the Zephyr, ere i...Rate it:

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Cuckoo in the Pear-Tree
William Brighty Rands
The Cuckoo sat in the old pear-tree, Cuckoo! Raining or snowing, nought cared he. Cuckoo! Cuckoo, cuckoo, nought cared he. The Cuckoo flew over a ...Rate it:

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Full Moon
Victoria Sackville-West
She was wearing the coral taffeta trousers Someone had brought her from Ispahan, And the little gold coat with pomegranate blossoms, And the coral-...Rate it:

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Minora Sidera
Sir Henry Newbolt
Sitting at times over a hearth that burns With dull domestic glow, My thought, leaving the book, gratefully turns To you who planned it so. Not of...Rate it:

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On the Range
Barcroft Henry Thomas Boake
On Nungar the mists of the morning hung low, The beetle-browed hills brooded silent and black, Not yet warmed to life by the sun's loving glow, As ...Rate it:

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Spenserian Stanzas On Charles Armitage Brown
John Keats
I. He is to weet a melancholy carle: Thin in the waist, with bushy head of hair, As hath the seeded thistle when in parle It holds the Zephyr, e...Rate it:

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The Box-Tree's Love
Barcroft Henry Thomas Boake
Long time beside the squatter's gate A great grey Box-Tree, early, late, Or shine or rain, in silence there Had stood and watched the seasons fa...Rate it:

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The City Of Damn-His Soul
Robert Kirkland Kernighan
He was nursed and cursed : he lied and died, In the City of Damn-His-Soul ; He was mothered and smothered in the slimy tide Of the City of Dam...Rate it:

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The Fire That Filled My Heart of Old
James Thomson
The fire that filled my heart of old Gave luster while it burned; Now only ashes gray and cold Are in its silence urned. Ah! better was the fur...Rate it:

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The Gossips
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
A rose in my garden, the sweetest and fairest, Was hanging her head through the long golden hours; And early one morning I saw her tears falling, A...Rate it:

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The Scout Toward Aldie
Herman Melville
The cavalry-camp lies on the slope Of what was late a vernal hill, But now like a pavement bare- An outpost in the perilous wilds Which ever are...Rate it:

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The Three Friends
Charles Lamb
Three young girls in friendship met; Mary, Martha, Margaret. Margaret was tall and fair, Martha shorter by a hair; If the first excelled in feature...Rate it:

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Theology in Extremis: Or a soliloquy that may have been delivered in India, June, 1857
Alfred Comyn Lyall
"They would have spared life to any of their English prisoners who should consent to profess Mahometanism, by repeating the usual short formula; bu...Rate it:

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Always There
April White
You've always been there for me When I've needed you the most Even the times I felt that I didn't need you You were always close Close to my heart ...Rate it:

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Between the Lines
Mary Bone
I read your old letters over and over looking for a pause or a clause, possibly a dash, to see if you still cared one iota. I just couldn't read be...Rate it:

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Constance Hately
Edgar Lee Masters
You praise my self-sacrifice, Spoon River, In rearing Irene and Mary, Orphans of my older sister! And you censure Irene and Mary For their cont...Rate it:

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Godly Parents
Nikhil Parekh
You were the ones who cared for me; sacrificed the most minutest of your belongings to see me blossom till times beyond eternity, You were the on...Rate it:

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