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The Carcass
Charles Baudelaire
she had joined; And the sky watched that superb carcass Like a flower blossom out. The stench was Rate it:

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On The Progress Of The Soul...
John Donne
this world is worth. I'he world is but a carcass; thou art fed By it, but as a worm, thatRate it:

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The Bees and Flies
Rudyard Kipling
bull by stopping of its breath, Disposed the carcass in a shed With fragrant herbs and branches sprRate it:

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The Gundaroo Bullock
Andrew Barton Paterson
take a ride, With warrants to identify the carcass and the hide." That night rode down the troopRate it:

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An Anatomy Of The World...
John Donne
of her memory doth stay, Which, from the carcass of the old world free, Creates a new world, Rate it:

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Abinash Parajuli
that it’s all gone And I live by the Carcass Of bereaved Bagmati, I curse civilization, The concretRate it:

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'I Dips me Lid'
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
about the town for 'arf a day Then dragged me carcass round the 'arbor way To view the Bridge from Rate it:

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A Hyde Park Larrikin
Henry Kendall
A blatant bigot with a big Fat heavy fetid carcass, You well become your greasy "rig" -- You'Rate it:

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A Lover's Complaint
William Shakespeare
the thought might think sometime it saw The carcass of beauty spent and done: Time had noRate it:

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A Satyre Against Mankind
Lord John Wilmot
make an old witch fly, And bear a crippled carcass through the sky. 'Tis the exalted power whose buRate it:

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All Is Vanity
Anne Kingsmill Finch
Door, Unpity'd but by Brutes, a broken Carcass lay, Were both alike deriv'd from the same common EaRate it:

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Azrael's Count
Rudyard Kipling
in the heart of her quivereth. -- Lo, from that carcass aheap -- where speeds the soul of it? WhereRate it:

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Before a Midnight Breaks in Storm
Rudyard Kipling
who will note, Till fields afloat, And washen carcass and the returning well, Trumpet what these Rate it:

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Death And Daphne
Jonathan Swift
loath his person to expose Bare, like a carcass pick'd by crows, A lawyer, o'er his hands and face Rate it:

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Death In The Forest
Francis Turner Palgrave
was the king! And through the long Minster The carcass they bear, And huddle it down Without priestRate it:

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Dedication for a Plot of Ground
William Carlos Williams
you can bring nothing to this place but your carcass, keep out. Rate it:

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Fight With A Bear
James McIntyre
Indian stripped the skin of bear And left the carcass in his lair. Rate it:

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From Mount Gerizzim
John Bunyan
do wait to have their fill By feeding on his carcass, when he shall Turn overboard, and without meRate it:

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Hildrup Tubbs
Edgar Lee Masters
myself like a saprophyte Upon the putrescent carcass Of Thomas Rhodes' bankrupt bank, As assignee oRate it:

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Le Mort Joyeux (The Joyful Corpse)
Charles Baudelaire
les corbeaux À saigner tous les bouts de ma carcasse immonde. Ô vers! noirs compagnons sans oreillRate it:

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Le Vampire (The Vampire)
Charles Baudelaire
his dice, The rabid drunkard to his bowl, The carcass to its vermin lice — O thrice-accursèd be Rate it:

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My Monument
Ambrose Bierce
think, as I gaze at my ink, They'd wait till my carcass is breathless. Rate it:

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My Tails
Robert William Service
and tie. No, not for me a vulgar shroud My carcass to caress;-- Oh let me do my coffin proud Rate it:

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Ossian’s Grave
Robinson Jeffers
of work hover like vultures Above the carcass. I also make a remembered name; And I shall return hoRate it:

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Psalm 49 part 1
Isaac Watts
name is written in the dust Where his own carcass lies. PAUSE. This is the folly of their way; AnRate it:

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