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Paris Day By Day: A Family Epistle
Richard Le Gallienne
but ah! surely not least dear, That blithe and buxom buccaneer, Th' avenging goddess of her sex, BoRate it:

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Robert Herrick
then, and when your faces shine With buxom meat and cap'ring wine, Remember us in cups full crown'dRate it:

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Andante Con Moto
William Ernest Henley
And as we steal Homeward together, but for the buxom breeze, Fitfully frolicking to heel With news Rate it:

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Bacchus Marsh
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Here she bides, a buxom lady, Blest by peace and great content; Dwelling by her byways shady, Where the elm trees boughs are bent; Shutting out the...Rate it:

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Bonny Mary O!
John Clare
Mary O! And I'll kiss thee on the grass, my buxom, bonny lass, And be thine own for aye, bonny MaryRate it:

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Cadyow Castle
Sir Walter Scott
haughty lord was he), 'At merry feast, or buxom chase, No more the warrior wilt thou see. 'Few suRate it:

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Cap'n Storm-Along
Alfred Noyes
he keeps in his harem, Wicked young merry-maids, buxom and brown : There's Rosalind, the sea-witchRate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
goods and chattels round her there. A cheery, buxom market dame, A well-filled basket on her arm, SRate it:

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Don Juan: Canto the Eighth
George Gordon Lord Byron
the suspense of bedding. Some voices of the buxom middle-ag'd Were also heard to wonder Rate it:

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Fanscomb Barn
Anne Kingsmill Finch
and Dance, and every jovial Prank Befitting buxom Crew, untied by Forms: Whilst kind Budgeta nam'Rate it:

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Ganderfeather's Gift
Eugene Field
and merry! No attenuate sprite was he, --But as buxom as could be;-- Kissed me twice, and once agaiRate it:

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Hope, An Allegorical Sketch
William Lisle Bowles
melodies scarce mortal seem to blend. First buxom Youth, with cheeks of glowing red, Came lightly tRate it:

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How Fair Cinderella Disposed Of Her Shoe
Guy Wetmore Carryl
tongs, And each with ardor most intense Her buxom figure laced, Until her wilful want of sense ProcRate it:

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Eugene Field
in womankind; Wee Madge is wooed of many, And buxom Kate, as well, And Jennie--charming Jennie-- AhRate it:

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John Milton
dew, Filled her with thee,. a daughter fair, So buxom, blithe, and debonair. Haste thee, Nymph, andRate it:

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Marmion: Canto III. - The Inn
Sir Walter Scott
a tower, As venturous in a lady's bower: Such buxom chief shall lead his host From India's fires toRate it:

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Ode On A Distant Prospect Of Eton College
Thomas Gray
soon as shed, The sunshine of the breast: Theirs buxom health of rosy hue, Wild wit, invention everRate it:

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Ode to Winter
Thomas Campbell
India's citron-covered isles: More remote and buxom-brown, The Queen of vintage bowed before hiRate it:

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On My Wife's Birth-Day
Christopher Smart
blythe Graces as they bound, Luxuriant in the buxom round; They're not more elegantly free, ThanRate it:

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Poem Written at Morning
Wallace Stevens
do not see, you experience, you feel, That the buxom eye brings merely its element To the total thiRate it:

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Safe And Sound
Ezra Pound
of freedom Are on the poor relief. Wot oh! my buxom hearties, What ain't got work no more And don'Rate it:

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The Confessor, a Sanctified Tale
Mary Darby Robinson
story. Near, in a little Farm, there liv'd A buxom Dame of twenty three; And by the neighbours 'twRate it:

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The Fallen Elm
Alfred Austin
the bedesmen munch their dole, And the buxom wench leaves a lickerish kiss On the rim of the roundiRate it:

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The Gascon
La Fontaine
to the conquests he had made In love. A buxom country maid, Who served the wine, with due attentRate it:

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The Merchant's Tale
Geoffrey Chaucer
in joy and bliss abound. For who can be so buxom* as a wife? *obedient Who Rate it:

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