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Charms of Precedence - A Tale
William Shenstone
your proceeding, It flies while you display your breeding; Such breeding as one's grannum preaches,Rate it:

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Anne Bradstreet
darkness must with shame conceal. My mother's breeding sickness, I will spare, Her nine months' weaRate it:

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Ode to the Goddess Ceres
Thomas Moore
-- And whreas M---ll Senior makes war on good breeding, M---ll Junio makes war on all breeding whatRate it:

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Padraic Colum
element below you, you think, maybe, of rocky breeding-places and strong mates. Bravely you hang abRate it:

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Saltbush Bill's Gamecock
Andrew Barton Paterson
with a touch of the jungle cock; The want of breeding must find him out, when facing the English sRate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
the rise. It appears he had a notion that his 'breeding' and his 'culture' Would assure him some pRate it:

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Samson Agonistes (excerpts)
John Milton
benefit reveal'd to Abraham's race? Why was my breeding order'd and prescrib'd As of a person sRate it:

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A Day In The Life Of A Beggar
Nikhil Parekh
of beard stubs sprawled across face, a breeding place for minuscule street insects, feeding in coRate it:

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A Dream of the Melbourne Cup
Andrew Barton Paterson
base white feather: Stick to it now for your breeding's sake, Stick to it now though your hearts Rate it:

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A Monumental Column
John Webster
as proceeding From a pure essence and elected breeding: Howe'er, truth for him thus nuch doth impRate it:

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A Nation's Test
John Boyle O'Reilly
birth. Sun-kissed and fruitful, every clod is breeding A petty life, too small to reach the eye: Rate it:

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A New Temperance Poem, in Memory of My Departed Parents, Who Were Sober Living & God Fearing People
William Topaz McGonagall
enemy of all mankind. The Devil delights in breeding family strife, Especially betwixt man and wiRate it:

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A Piccaninny
James Brunton Stephens
receding, But quite unconscious of improper breeding. 'Tis well; it smacks of Eden ere came sin inRate it:

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A Poem: To The Memory of Mrs. Oldfield
Richard Savage
the toiling Pedant far behind. Such finish'd Breeding, so polite a Taste, Her Fancy always for the Rate it:

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A Poet's Father
Ambrose Bierce
thousand schools, Stop teaching wisdom, or stop breeding fools. Rate it:

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A Prouder Man Than You
Henry Lawson
better stock than mine, If you hint of higher breeding by a word or by a sign, If you're proud beRate it:

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A Redeemer
Robinson Jeffers
no vengeance out of old rags. But there are acts breeding their own reversals In their own bellies Rate it:

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A Royal Princess
Christina Georgina Rossetti
head of men; These for slaughter, these for breeding, with the how and when. Some to work on roadRate it:

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A Sonnet Upon The Pitiful Burning Of The Globe Playhouse In
Anonymous Americas
house was thatched; Forbear your whoring, breeding biles, And lay up that expense for tiles. Rate it:

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A Tale of the Miser and the Poet
Anne Kingsmill Finch
Letters? Fool, quoth the Churl, who knew no Breeding; Have these been Times for such ProceedingRate it:

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A Tale. June 1793
William Cowper
shores Could yield them no retreat. Long time a breeding-place they sought, Till both grew vexed aRate it:

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An Allegory On Man
Thomas Parnell
gravely shew'd his forward Face, Jove talk'd of breeding him on high, An Under-something of the SkyRate it:

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An Angel in the House
James Henry Leigh Hunt
whose soft heart sings In unison with ours, breeding its future wings. Rate it:

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At Cape Schanck
James Lister Cuthbertson
Till we looked below on the fastness Of the breeding eagle's nest, And Cape Wollomai opened eRate it:

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Nikhil Parekh
honey extracted from bee-hive, my body became a breeding place for red ant and worm. when i swam Rate it:

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