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If I can stop one heart from breaking,
Emily Dickinson
If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain; If I can ease one life the aching, Or cool one pain, Or help one fainting robin Un...Rate it:

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Stone Breaking
Duncan Campbell Scott
wind rough Clashed the trees, Flung the snow; Breaking stones, In the cold, Germans slow Toiled andRate it:

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Breaking Barriers
Nikhil Parekh
In order to reach the stupendously astronomical summit of the mountain; you needed to break the barriers of skepticism, In order to achieve the u...Rate it:

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Breaking Dawn
Kurt Philip Behm
After the finish line, a new starting line awaits Where answers have deserted, but old questions remain The learning curve most steep, as d...Rate it:

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Breaking It Gently
Edward George Dyson
ALL WAS UP with Richard Tanner— ‘Wait-a-Bit’ we called him. Dead? Yes. The braceman dropped a spanner, Landed Richard on the head; Cracked his skul...Rate it:

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Breaking The Charm
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Caught Susanner whistlin'; well, It's most nigh too good to tell. 'Twould 'a' b'en too good to see Ef it had n't b'en fur me, Comin' up so soft an'...Rate it:

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Breaking The Day In Two
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
When from dawn till noon seems one long day, And from noon till night another, Oh, then should a little boy come from play, And creep into the arms...Rate it:

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Breaking The News
Joseph Furphy
Johnny's drowned — here's his clo'es Where he's got to, we dunno; Sure enough, he never rose; So we thought we'd let you know. Gosh! the fright...Rate it:

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Breaking The stumps
Nikhil Parekh
In order to break the stumps of the boundless cricket field; all that was required was a brilliantly scarlet and royally red ball, In order to br...Rate it:

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Breaking The Trust
Ehsan Sehgal
If you break the heart You break only the heart If you break the friendship You break only the friendship If you break the relationship You break...Rate it:

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Breaking Through
Kurt Philip Behm
An unbridled affection for writing, an unfettered attempt at the truth An unbending rebut of excuses —a Sage lost in the promise of youth (Dreams...Rate it:

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In Time of 'The Breaking of Nations'
Thomas Hardy
Only a man harrowing clods In a slow silent walk With an old horse that stumbles and nods Half asleep as they stalk. Only thin smoke without f...Rate it:

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The Breaking Point
Stephen Vincent Benet
It was not when temptation came, Swiftly and blastingly as flame, And seared me white with burning scars; When I stood up for age-long wars And...Rate it:

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The Troubadour. Canto 2 E (Breaking Free)
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
WHERE is the heart that has not bow'd A slave, eternal Love, to thee: Look on the cold, the gay, the proud, And is there one among them free? T...Rate it:

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To A Poet Breaking Silence
Francis Thompson
Too wearily had we and song Been left to look and left to long, Yea, song and we to long and look, Since thine acquainted feet forsook The mountain...Rate it:

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L. e. l.
Christina Georgina Rossetti
'Whose heart was breaking for a little love.' Downstairs I laugh, I sport and jest with all; But in my solitary room above I turn my face in silen...Rate it:

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Hunting Song of the Seeonee Pack
Rudyard Kipling
As the dawn was breaking the Sambhur belled Once, twice, and again! And a doe leaped up -- and a doe leaped up From the pond in the wood where the ...Rate it:

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The Slave Mother
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
the air, It seemed as if a burden'd heart Was breaking in despair. Saw you those hands so sadlyRate it:

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At Dawn
Alfred Noyes
wet With tears? Is not the voice of all regret Breaking out of the dark earth’s heart? She too, Rate it:

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Baby I'm sorry...
Joy O' Pateng
you I'm sorry for making you cry I'm sorry for breaking your precious heart I'm sorry for not belieRate it:

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A Demand
Ambrose Bierce
I'm Of opinion that fibbing is awful, And breaking a contract unlawful, Indictable, too, as a crimeRate it:

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A Litany
Algernon Charles Swinburne
be for a token, Your staff for a rod; With the breaking of bands ye are broken, Saith the Lord God.Rate it:

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A Lover's Complaint
William Shakespeare
a fickle maid full pale, Tearing of papers, breaking rings a-twain, Storming her world wiRate it:

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A Prayer
James Joyce
to me! From far a low word breathes on the breaking brain Its cruel calm, submission's misery, GentRate it:

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Adam Lindsay Gordon
light ? Seek warmth or seek care ? Nor for breaking of fast neither grateful, Nor for quenching oRate it:

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