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My Foe
Robert William Service
your friends have shed. Hark! Amid your drunken brawl How our maidens shriek and call. Why have youRate it:

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To a Fallen Elm
John Clare
wrong was right and right was wrong And freedoms brawl was sanction to the song Such was thy ruin Rate it:

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The Mortal Lease
Edith Wharton
secret fall Of a god’s feet across the city’s brawl, The touch of silent fingers on my latch? Not Rate it:

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A Bush Lawyer
Andrew Barton Paterson
"We might have halved the fish and saved a nasty brawl; For half a crawfish isn't much, but more tRate it:

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A Letter From the Trenches to a School Friend
Charles Hamilton Sorley
hearts wrung, Of clash of arms, of council's brawl, Of beauty that must early fall, Of battle hate Rate it:

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A Prayer in Time of War
Alfred Noyes
Babels that we raised Where scoffing sophists brawl, The little Antichrists we praised -- The niRate it:

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A Savage
John Boyle O'Reilly
years of age, Had killed a miner in a Leadville brawl; Tried and condemned, the rough-beards curbRate it:

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A Serenade
Ambrose Bierce
no more Than how to love,-in many A tongue men brawl: she speaks them all Who says 'I love,' in anyRate it:

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Alnaschar and the Oxen
Rudyard Kipling
gate beside the river where the trouty shallows brawl, I know the pride that Lobengula felt, WhenRate it:

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Ballade of Ancient Acts
Franklin P. Adams
Glover's l.f. toe? The Rays and their domestic brawl? Bert Williams with "Oh, I Don't Know?" IntRate it:

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Ballade Of Youth And Age
William Ernest Henley
of Age. Envoy Struggle and turmoil, revel and brawl - Youth is the sign of them, one and all. A sRate it:

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Mary Darby Robinson
SLOW the limpid currents twining, Brawl along the lonely dell, 'Till in one wild stream combining, Nought its rapid course can quell; So at first L...Rate it:

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Causerie (Conversation)
Charles Baudelaire
soiled by the mob; There they swill, and they brawl, and they kill! — A fragrance swims around yourRate it:

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Arthur Henry Adams
of all, Democracies in their wide freedom brawl, And go down shouting to a common grave. So one Rate it:

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Davie Gellatley's Song
Sir Walter Scott
head is under his wing. The young man will brawl at the evening board; Heard ye so merry the littlRate it:

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Double Ballade on the Nothingness of Things
William Ernest Henley
We grovel, or we reign; We saunter, or we brawl; We search the stars for Fame, Or sink her subtRate it:

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Dwelling In Mesech
John Newton
to dwell a while Where the wicked strive and brawl; Let them frown; so he but smile, Heav'n will maRate it:

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Edgehill Fight
Rudyard Kipling
and the market place, At the cudgel play or brawl-- Of their own blood and speech and race, ComrRate it:

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John Crowe Ransom
tower over all, They seem to rise above the brawl, They seem--but just observe the hoax, They are oRate it:

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God knows
Umesh Chandra Lal
change, God knows Despite sending new poem :A brawl,no reflection God knows.Rate it:

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Hudibras: Part 2 - Canto II
Samuel Butler
Bonum is an Animal, Made good with stout polemic brawl; in which some hundreds on the place Were sRate it:

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If Mary Had Known
Lucy Maud Montgomery
all, Abrim with a pity divine over clamor and brawl, Oh, I think that her lullaby song Would have dRate it:

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Nikhil Parekh
organs, Nothing more than an inconsequential brawl. The string finally breaks with a painstaking Rate it:

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In Utrumque Paratus
Adam Lindsay Gordon
to a drunken curse, And the manly game to a brawl. Our burdens are heavy, our natures weak, Some Rate it:

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In Virtue I Sin
Kurt Philip Behm
of my wake No bar left unvisited Or brawl left unfought No school that could answer Rate it:

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