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Boot and Saddle
Robert Browning
Boot, saddle, to horse, and away! Rescue my Castle, before the hot day Brightens the blue from its silvery grey, (Chorus) "Boot, saddle, to horse,...Rate it:

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Cavalier Tunes: Boot and Saddle
Robert Browning
Boot, saddle, to horse and away! Rescue my Castle, before the hot day Brightens to blue from its silvery gray, (Chorus) Boot, sadd...Rate it:

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The Ballad Of Gum-Boot Ben
Robert William Service
He was an old prospector with a vision bleared and dim. He asked me for a grubstake, and the same I gave to him. He hinted of a hid...Rate it:

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The Dinkum Aussie Block
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
What have we missed? Now he returns no more We are left with but our blindness to deplore, But, concentrating on his spats instead, Missed all the...Rate it:

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The Statues in the Block
John Boyle O'Reilly
“LOVE is the secret of the world,' he said; 'The cup we drain and still desire to drink. The loadstone hungers for the steel; the steel, Inert am...Rate it:

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Block City
Robert Louis Stevenson
What are you able to build with your blocks? Castles and palaces, temples and docks. Rain may keep raining, and others go roam, But I can be happy ...Rate it:

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Campbells Block
James McIntyre
You may look but look in vain For stores with such immense pane ; All other shops they do surpass With their enormous lights of glass. One night b...Rate it:

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Writer's Block
Paul W.Ekdahl
I’d write for the sound of words alone If meaning they had none . . . For simple joy I’d spark Sun’s rapid shine Or clouds collapse of mist in rain...Rate it:

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Writer's Block
Kurt Philip Behm
Inspiration is always there just reach inside—embrace it All time on hold, new lines to share the moment lives iconic Words are formed by swe...Rate it:

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Cavalier Tunes
Robert Browning
. MARCHING ALONG. I. Kentish Sir Byng stood for his King, Bidding the crop-headed Parliament swing: And, pressing a troop unable to stoop And se...Rate it:

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Lines On H---'s Foot
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
It may be you've seen her eyes, Dark and deep like midnight skies; You mayhap have seen them flash Underneath the drooping lash, And been dazzled b...Rate it:

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Pilgrimage In Search Of Do-Well
William Langland
Thus y-robed in russet . romed I aboute Al in a somer seson . for to seke Do-wel; And frayned full ofte . of folk that I mette If any wight wiste ....Rate it:

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The Vision Of Piers Plowman - Part 08
William Langland
Thus yrobed in russet I romed aboute Al a somer seson for to seke Dowel, And frayned ful ofte of folk that I mette If any wight wiste wher Dowel...Rate it:

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The Boss's Boots
Henry Lawson
The Shearers squint along the pens, they squint along the ‘shoots;’ The shearers squint along the board to catch the Boss’s boots; They have no tim...Rate it:

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Ben Nevis: A Dialogue
John Keats
There was one Mrs. Cameron of 50 years of age and the fattest woman in all Inverness-shire who got up this Mountain some few years ago -- true she ...Rate it:

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Breitmann In Forty-Eight
Charles Godfrey Leland
DERE woned once a studente, All in der Stadt Paris, Whom jeder der ihn kennte, Der rowdy Breitmann hiess. He roosted in de rue La Harpe, Im Lux...Rate it:

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Breitmann In Paris
Charles Godfrey Leland
DER teufel's los in Bal Mabille, Dere's hell-fire in de air, De fiddlers can't blay noding else Boot Orphee aux Enfers: Vot makes de beoples ho...Rate it:

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Thomas Carlyle
The wind blows east, the wind blows west, And the frost falls and the rain: A weary heart went thankful to rest, And must rise to toil again, 'gain...Rate it:

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Yet Dish
Gertrude Stein
I Put a sun in Sunday, Sunday. Eleven please ten hoop. Hoop. Cousin coarse in coarse in soap. Cousin coarse in soap sew up. soap. Cousin coarse...Rate it:

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60 Newest Poems By Mario W. Vitale
ario William Vitale
Bio Of Mario William Vitale The language and images of Mario Vitale's poetry are so closely bound to the natural cycles of seasons, of generations...Rate it:

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Crystal view
Jason Berger (Amarantine)
When i forget to move. Feelin' skin like lightnin' Got no more to prove. Silence beats the fightin' Got me a crystal view Lookin at somethin new...Rate it:

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Free Verse
Robert Graves
I now delight In spite Of the might And the right Of classic tradition, In writing And reciting Straight ahead, Without let or omission, J...Rate it:

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Is Bliss then, such Abyss
Emily Dickinson
Is Bliss then, such Abyss, I must not put my foot amiss For fear I spoil my shoe? I'd rather suit my foot Than save my Boot— For yet to buy anothe...Rate it:

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Rudyard Kipling
If you've ever stole a pheasant-egg be'ind the keeper's back, If you've ever snigged the washin' from the line, If you've ever crammed a gander in...Rate it:

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Mon Frere Camille
William Henry Drummond
Mon frere Camille he was first class blood W'en he come off de State las' fall, Wearin' hees boot a la mode box toe An' diamon' pin on hees shirt a...Rate it:

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