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Bone and Sinew and Brain
John Boyle O'Reilly
YE white-maned waves of the Western Sea, That ride and roll to the strand, Ye strong-winged birds, never forced a-lee By the gales that sweep to...Rate it:

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The Collar-Bone Of A Hare
William Butler Yeats
WOULD I could cast a sad on the water Where many a king has gone And many a king's daughter, And alight at the comely trees and the lawn, The playi...Rate it:

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James Weldon Johnson
Some men enjoy the constant strife Of days with work and worry rife, But that is not my dream of life: I think such men are crazy. For me, a life w...Rate it:

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The Lazy Roof
Gelett Burgess
The Roof it has a Lazy Time A-Lying in the Sun; The Walls, they have to Hold Him Up; They do Not Have Much Fu Rate it:

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To The Bone
Kurt Philip Behm
Like maggots on a piece of ham, the critics do their work Devouring just because they can, to maim, destroy, and hurt They eat through flesh ...Rate it:

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A Lazy Day
Paul Laurence Dunbar
THE trees bend down along the stream, Where anchored swings my tiny boat. The day is one to drowse and dream And list the thrush's throttling note....Rate it:

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Lazy Susan Blues
Kurt Philip Behm
Round and round, went the memories of pain As the joy slid off, in an unending refrain Round and round, the promises spun And one by one, ...Rate it:

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Richard Bone
Edgar Lee Masters
When I first came to Spoon River I did not know whether what they told me Was true or false. They would bring me an epitaph And stand around th...Rate it:

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On The Road To Gundagai
Andrew Barton Paterson
Oh, we started down from Roto when the sheds had all cut out. We'd whips and whips of Rhino as we meant to push about, So we humped our blues seren...Rate it:

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Three Things
William Butler Yeats
`O cruel Death, give three things back,' Sang a bone upon the shore; `A child found all a child can lack, Whether of pleasure or of rest, Upon the ...Rate it:

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A Parody
Charles Lamb
Lazy-bones, lazy-bones, wake up and peep; The Cat's in the cupboard, your Mother's asleep. There you sit snoring, forgetting her ills: Who is to gi...Rate it:

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Little Ballads Of Timely Warning; III:
Ellis Parker Butler
Little Ballads Of Timely Warning; III: On Laziness And Its Resultant Ills There was a man in New York City (His name was George Adolphus Knight) So...Rate it:

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Ode to the Northeast Wind
Charles Kingsley
Welcome, wild Northeaster! Shame it is to see Odes to every zephyr; Ne'er a verse to thee. Welcome, black Northeaster! O'er the German foam; ...Rate it:

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Charles Kingsley
She lay among the myrtles on the cliff; Above her glared the noon; beneath, the sea. Upon the white horizon Atho's peak Weltered in burning haze; a...Rate it:

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Uncle Jim's Baptist Revival Hymn
Sidney Lanier
By Sidney and Clifford Lanier. [Not long ago a certain Georgia cotton-planter, driven to desperation by awaking each morning to find that the gras...Rate it:

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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
England, father and mother in one, Look on your stalwart son. Sturdy and strong, with the valour of youth, Where is another so lusty? Coated and m...Rate it:

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Gotham - Book III
Charles Churchill
Can the fond mother from herself depart? Can she forget the darling of her heart, The little darling whom she bore and bred, Nursed on her knees, a...Rate it:

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The Bowge of Courte
John Skelton
In Autumpne whan the sonne in vyrgyne By radyante hete enryped hath our corne Whan luna full of mutabylyte As Emperes the dyademe hath worne Of our...Rate it:

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60 Newest Poems By Mario W. Vitale
ario William Vitale
Bio Of Mario William Vitale The language and images of Mario Vitale's poetry are so closely bound to the natural cycles of seasons, of generations...Rate it:

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Get Work
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
On one fine but fatal morning in the early Eocene, Lo, a brawny Bloke set out to dig a hole: First of men to put a puncture in the tertiary green W...Rate it:

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De Rerum Virtute
Robinson Jeffers
I. Here is the skull of a man: a man’s thoughts and emotions Have moved under the thin bone vault like clouds Under the blue one: love and desi...Rate it:

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To A Sexton
William Wordsworth
Let thy wheel-barrow alone-- Wherefore, Sexton, piling still In thy bone-house bone on bone? 'Tis already like a hill In a field of battle made...Rate it:

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Emma Lazarus
Small, shapeless drifts of cloud Sail slowly northward in the soft-hued sky, With blur half-tints and rolling summits bright, By the late sun cares...Rate it:

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Hiawatha's Friends
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Two good friends had Hiawatha, Singled out from all the others, Bound to him in closest union, And to whom he gave the right hand Of his heart...Rate it:

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A Summer Pastoral
Paul Laurence Dunbar
It's hot to-day. The bees is buzzin' Kinder don't-keer-like aroun' An' fur off the warm air dances O'er the parchin' roofs in town. In the brook th...Rate it:

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