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Meditations Upon An Egg
John Bunyan
1. The egg's no chick by falling from the hen; Nor man a Christian, till he's born again. The egg's at first contained in the shell; Men, afore gr...Rate it:

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The Egg-Shell
Rudyard Kipling
The wind took off with the sunset-- The fog came up with the tide, When the Witch of the North took an Egg-shell With a little Blue Devil inside. "...Rate it:

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I Will Take An Egg Out Of The Robin's Nest
Walt Whitman
I WILL take an egg out of the robin's nest in the orchard, I will take a branch of gooseberries from the old bush in the garden, and go...Rate it:

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The Golden Egg
Kurt Philip Behm
The world is an oven we live in With each scorching, its temperature grows Unable to stop, hands fall off the clock Left roasting —goose cooking...Rate it:

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Nikhil Parekh
When I boiled squalid mushroom and glittering diamonds together in a cauldron; placing it above crackling flames of the fire, The residue obtaine...Rate it:

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Santa Claus in the Bush
Andrew Barton Paterson
It chanced out back at the Christmas time, When the wheat was ripe and tall, A stranger rode to the farmer's gate -- A sturdy man and a small. ...Rate it:

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The Ballad Of Hard-Luck Henry
Robert William Service
Now wouldn't you expect to find a man an awful crank That's staked out nigh three hundred claims, and every one a blank; That's followed every fool...Rate it:

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The Mummery
Ambrose Bierce
THE TWO CAVEES DRAMATIS PERSONAE. FITCH _a Pelter of Railrogues_ PICKERING _his Partner, an Enemy to Sin_ OLD NICK _a General Blackwasher_ DEAD C...Rate it:

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The Ballad of the Carpet Bag
Andrew Barton Paterson
Ho! Darkies, don't you hear dose voters cryin' Pack dat carpet bag! You must get to de Poll, you must get there flyin'; Pack dat carpet bag! Yo...Rate it:

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The Broken-Teapot
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Mum's bit of egg money on the mantelpiece In the broken teapot in the olden days, Hardly earned and hoarded there, Much content afforded there Long...Rate it:

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The Fifteen Acres
James Stephens
I I cling and swing On a branch, or sing Through the cool, clear hush of Morning, O! Or fling my wing On the air, and bring To sleepier birds a war...Rate it:

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De Rerum Virtute
Robinson Jeffers
I. Here is the skull of a man: a man’s thoughts and emotions Have moved under the thin bone vault like clouds Under the blue one: love and desi...Rate it:

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He "Digesteth Harde Yron"
Marianne Moore
Although the aepyornis or roc that lived in Madagascar, and the moa are extinct, the camel-sparrow, linked with them in size--the large sparrow X...Rate it:

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High Explosive
Andrew Barton Paterson
HIGH EXPLOSIVE by A.B. "Banjo" Paterson 'Twas the dingo pup to his dam that said, "It's time I worked for my daily bread. Out in the world I in...Rate it:

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Mr. Finney's Turnip
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Mr. Finney had a turnip, And it grew, and it grew, And it grew behind the barn, And the turnip did no harm. And it grew, and it grew, Till it coul...Rate it:

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The Ballad of the Rousabout
Henry Lawson
A Rouseabout of rouseabouts, from any land—or none— I bear a nick-name of the bush, and I’m—a woman’s son; I came from where I camp’d last night, a...Rate it:

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The Green-Hand Rouseabout
Henry Lawson
Call this hot? I beg your pardon. Hot!—you don’t know what it means. (What’s that, waiter? lamb or mutton! Thank you—mine is beef and greens. Bread...Rate it:

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The Wail of the Waiter
Marcus Clarke
All day long, at Scott's or Menzies', I await the gorging crowd, Panting, penned within a pantry, with the blowflies humming loud, There at seven i...Rate it:

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She Lost Self-Control at the New York Deli
Sonia Walker
the mound of potato salad, covered with a hard-boiled egg and pickle, this woman knew what she wantRate it:

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A Dream of the Melbourne Cup
Andrew Barton Paterson
a wooden peg, And I'll keep it down with a hard-boiled egg, 'Twill make me dream the quicker. NRate it:

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Morning, Thinking of Empire
Raymond Carver
We press our lips to the enameled rim of the cups and know this grease that floats over the coffee will one day stop our hearts. Eyes and fingers d...Rate it:

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In A Gadda Da Vida
Mario William Vitale
Suck An Egg through thoughts gives way to cadence the prolific stance immeasurably quaint oceanic personifications by a quaint village gives rise ...Rate it:

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Quantum Sufficit
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
'I only said this German plan Had points,' remarked the small, meek man. 'I merely said an extra wife Might add variety to life. Strange how a woma...Rate it:

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The Anti-Socialist
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
'Tis morn. An individualistic cock Proclaims the fact. The dissipated cat sneaks home forlorn. 'Tis time to get up and act! 'Tis eight o'clock! The...Rate it:

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Tortoise Family Connections
David Herbert Lawrence
On he goes, the little one, Bud of the universe, Pediment of life. Setting off somewhere, apparently. Whither away, brisk egg? His mother deposite...Rate it:

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