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The Rose did caper on her cheek
Emily Dickinson
The Rose did caper on her cheek— Her Bodice rose and fell— Her pretty speech—like drunken men— Did stagger pitiful— Her fingers fumbled at her wor...Rate it:

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Declaration Of War
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
OH, would I resembled The country girls fair, Who rosy-red ribbons And yellow hats wear! To believe I was pretty I thought was allow'd; In the ...Rate it:

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Dressing the Doll
William Brighty Rands
THIS is the way we dress the Doll:— You may make her a shepherdess, the Doll, If you give her a crook with a pastoral hook, But this is the w...Rate it:

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A Beautiful Young Nymph Going To Bed
Jonathan Swift
Corinna, Pride of Drury-Lane, For whom no Shepherd sighs in vain; Never did Covent Garden boast So bright a batter'd, strolling Toast; No drunken R...Rate it:

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By The Sea
Emily Dickinson
I started early, took my dog, And visited the sea; The mermaids in the basement Came out to look at me. And frigates in the upper floor Extended ...Rate it:

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Going to him! Happy letter! Tell him--
Emily Dickinson
Going to him! Happy letter! Tell him-- Tell him the page I didn't write; Tell him I only said the syntax, And left the verb and the pronoun out. T...Rate it:

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Hans Carvel
Matthew Prior
Hans Carvel, impotent and old, Married a lass of London mould. Handsome? Enough; extremely gay; Loved music, company, and play: High flights she ha...Rate it:

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I started Early - Took my Dog
Emily Dickinson
I started Early - Took my Dog - And visited the Sea - The Mermaids in the Basement Came out to look at me - And Frigates - in the Upper Floor Exte...Rate it:

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Jean Chouan
Victor Marie Hugo
The Whites fled, and the Blues fired down the glade. A hill the plain commanded and surveyed, And round this hill, of trees and verdure bare, Wild ...Rate it:

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Jinny the Just
Matthew Prior
Releas'd from the noise of the butcher and baker Who, my old friends be thanked, did seldom forsake her, And from the soft duns of my landlord th...Rate it:

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King Arthur's Tomb
William Morris
Hot August noon: already on that day Since sunrise through the Wiltshire downs, most sad Of mouth and eye, he had gone leagues of way; Ay and by ni...Rate it:

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Les Roses de Sâdi
Andrew Lang
This morning I vowed I would bring thee my roses, They were thrust in the band that my bodice encloses; But the breast-knots were broken, the ros...Rate it:

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Lines On The Portrait Of A Celebrated Publisher
John Greenleaf Whittier
A MOONY breadth of virgin face, By thought unviolated; A patient mouth, to take from scorn The hook with bank-notes baited! Its self-complacent sle...Rate it:

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Na Audiart
Ezra Pound
Though thou well dost wish me ill Audiart, Audiart, Where thy bodice laces start As ivy fingers clutching through Its crevices, Audiart, Audiart, S...Rate it:

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Soli Cantare Periti Arcades
Ernest Christopher Dowson
Oh, I would live in a dairy, And its Colin I would be, And many a rustic fairy Should churn the milk with me. Or the fields should be my pleasure,...Rate it:

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Tales Of A Wayside Inn : Part 2. The Poet's Tale; Lady Wentworth
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
One hundred years ago, and something more, In Queen Street, Portsmouth, at her tavern door, Neat as a pin, and blooming as a rose, Stood Mistress S...Rate it:

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The Alley
Lola Ridge
Because you are four years old the candle is all dressed up in a new frill. And stars nod to you through the hole in the curtain, (except the big s...Rate it:

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The Daguerreotype
William Vaughn Moody
This, then, is she, My mother as she looked at seventeen, When she first met my father. Young incredibly, Younger than spring, without the faint...Rate it:

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The Gardener XI: Come As You Are
Rabindranath Tagore
Come as you are; do not loiter over your toilet. If your braided hair has loosened if the parting of your hair be not straight, if the ribbons ...Rate it:

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The Squire’s Pew
Jane Taylor
A SLANTING ray of evening light Shoots through the yellow pane ; It makes the faded crimson bright, And gilds the fringe again : The window's gothi...Rate it:

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The Statues in the Block
John Boyle O'Reilly
“LOVE is the secret of the world,' he said; 'The cup we drain and still desire to drink. The loadstone hungers for the steel; the steel, Inert am...Rate it:

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The Village Saturday Night
Count Giacomo Leopardi
The damsel from the field returns, The sun is sinking in the west; Her bundle on her head she sets, And in her hand she bears A bunch of roses and ...Rate it:

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To make One's Toilette—after Death
Emily Dickinson
To make One's Toilette—after Death Has made the Toilette cool Of only Taste we cared to please Is difficult, and still— That's easier—than Braid t...Rate it:

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Upon Julia's Unlacing Herself
Robert Herrick
Tell, if thou canst, and truly, whence doth come This camphire, storax, spikenard, galbanum, These musks, these ambers, and those other smells Swee...Rate it:

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