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Billy Blue
Kurt Philip Behm
Billy Blue Billy Blue, Your world’s a mess There’s nothing new Billy Blue Billy Blue, Your sheep are shorn Your flower’s few Billy Blue Billy Blu...Rate it:

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My Bonnet Of Blue
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
My bonnet of blue, my bonnet of blue, Its gossamer fineness I'll sing to you; For a delicate fabric in sooth it was, All trimmed and finified off w...Rate it:

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A Blue Valentine
Joyce Kilmer
(For Aline) Monsignore, Right Reverend Bishop Valentinus, Sometime of Interamna, which is called Ferni, Now of the delightful Court of Heaven...Rate it:

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Beyond the blue
Emily Pauline Johnson
I Speak of you, sir? You bet he did. Ben Fields was far too sound To go back on a fellow just because he weren't around. Why, sir, he thought a...Rate it:

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Blue Blood
William Schwenck Gilbert
Spurn not the nobly born With love affected, Nor treat with virtuous scorn The well connected. High rank involves no shame - We boast an equal clai...Rate it:

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A Tribute to Mr Murphy and the Blue Ribbon Army
William Topaz McGonagall
All hail to Mr Murphy, he is a hero brave, That has crossed the mighty Atlantic wave, For what purpose let me pause and think- I answer, to warn th...Rate it:

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The Blue-Flag In The Bog
Edna St. Vincent Millay
God had called us, and we came; Our loved Earth to ashes left; Heaven was a neighbor's house, Open to us, bereft. Gay the lights of Heaven showed,...Rate it:

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The Mystic Blue
David Herbert Lawrence
Out of the darkness, fretted sometimes in its sleeping, Jets of sparks in fountains of blue come leaping To sight, revealing a secret, numberless s...Rate it:

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Little Boy Blue
Eugene Field
The little toy dog is covered with dust, But sturdy and stanch he stands; And the little toy soldier is red with rust, And his musket molds in hi...Rate it:

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David Herbert Lawrence
The earth again like a ship steams out of the dark sea over The edge of the blue, and the sun stands up to see us glide Slowly into another day; sl...Rate it:

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The Wild Blue-Bells
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Came a bouquet from the city, Fragrant, rich and debonair - Sweet carnation and geraniium, Heliotrope and roses rare. Down beside the crystal ...Rate it:

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Blue Wings
George Eliot
Warm whisp'ring through the slender olive leaves Came to me a gentle sound, Whis'pring of a secret found In the clear sunshine 'mid the golden shea...Rate it:

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Blue Girls
John Crowe Ransom
Twirling your blue skirts, travelling the sward Under the towers of your seminary, Go listen to your teachers old and contrary Without believing...Rate it:

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Fragmentary Blue
Robert Frost
Why make so much of fragmentary blue In here and there a bird, or butterfly, Or flower, or wearing-stone, or open eye, When heaven presents in shee...Rate it:

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As Long As Your Eyes Are Blue
Andrew Barton Paterson
'Will you love me, sweet, when my hair is grey And my cheeks shall have lost their hue? When the charms of youth shall have passed away Will your l...Rate it:

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bitter blue blanket
chocolate chip cookie bitter blue blanket tie dyed shirt and buttermilk biscuit i cant help you when u need a kiss songs are born of pain such as t...Rate it:

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Blue and White
Mary Elizabeth Coleridge
BLUE is Our Lady’s colour, White is Our Lord’s. To-morrow I will wear a knot Of blue and white cords, That you may see it, where you ride ...Rate it:

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Feeling Blue
Richard Faas
Since the day that you were taken, Since the moment you were lost to me everything just lost it's colour and i feel nothing else but pain.. so I w...Rate it:

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Green and blue
Lesbia Harford
Green and blue First-named of colours believe these two. They first of colours by men were seen This grass colour, tree colour, Sky colour, sea...Rate it:

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October's Bright Blue Weather
Helen Hunt Jackson
O suns and skies and clouds of June, And flowers of June together, Ye cannot rival for one hour October's bright blue weather; When loud the bu...Rate it:

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On This Day Of Sky-Blue Bears
Velimir Khlebnikov
On this day of sky-blue bears Running across quiet eyelashes, I divine beyond the blue waters In the cup of my eyes an order to wake. The silver s...Rate it:

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The Blue Bell
Emily Jane Brontë
The blue bell is the sweetest flower That waves in summer air; Its blossoms have the mightiest power To soothe my spirit's care. There is a spell...Rate it:

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The Blue Scarf
Amy Lowell
Pale, with the blue of high zeniths, shimmered over with silver, brocaded In smooth, running patterns, a soft stuff, with dark knotted fringes, it ...Rate it:

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To A Blue Flower
John Shaw Neilson
I would be dismal with all the fine pearls of the crown of a king; But I can talk plainly to you, you little blue flower of the Spring! Here in the...Rate it:

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Blue and Buff
George Canning
Come, sportive Muse, with plume satiric, Describe each lawless, bold empiric, Who, with the Blue and Buffs' sad crew, Now stripp'd in buff, shall l...Rate it:

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