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The Bleating of the Sheep
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Lo, I listened to the bleating of the sheep Squatters' sheep And I sat me down and pondered long and deep. And a cloud of gloom came o'er me At t...Rate it:

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The Black Sheep
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
'Black sheep, black sheep, have you any wool?' 'Yes, sir-yes, sir: three bags full.' 'I don't want any New Thought,' said he, 'Or any Theosophy, f...Rate it:

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The Sheep
Ellis Parker Butler
The Sheep adorns the landscape rural And is both singular and plural— It gives grammarians the creeps To hear one say, 'A flock of sheeps.' The Sh...Rate it:

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The Sheep In The Ruins
Archibald MacLeish
for Learned and Augustus Hand You, my friends, and you strangers, all of you, Stand with me a little by the walls Or where the walls once were. ...Rate it:

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The Ballad of the Black-Sheep
Henry Lawson
A black-sheep, from England, who worked on the run – Riding where the stockmen ride – He sat by the hut when the day’s work was done – Lone huts w...Rate it:

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Since the Country Carried Sheep
Harry 'Breaker' Harbord Morant
We trucked the cows to Homebush, saw the girls, and started back, Went West through Cunnamulla, and got to the Eulo track. Camped a while at Gonybi...Rate it:

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The Straying Sheep
Robert Wadsworth Lowry
How many sheep are straying Lost from the Savior's fold! Upon the lonely mountain, They shiver with the cold: Within the tangled thickets, Where po...Rate it:

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Sheep and Lambs
Katharine Tynan
All in the April evening, April airs were abroad; The sheep with their little lambs Passed me by on the road. The sheep with their little lamb...Rate it:

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Black Sheep
Richard Francis Burton
FROM their folded mates they wander far, Their ways seem harsh and wild: They follow the beck of a baleful star, Their paths are dream-begu...Rate it:

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October on the Sheep Range
Arthur Chapman
There ain't no leaves to turn to gold- There ain't a tree in sight- In other ways the herder's told October's come, all right. Jest like ten thous...Rate it:

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Tyrannized Sheep
Nikhil Parekh
Woolen threads of cozy winter wear, forming bundles of warm noodles, interstitched to furry proportions, tasteless and tailored to high degrees ...Rate it:

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Marjorie Lowry Christie Pickthall
LIKE the slow thunder of long seas on the height Where God has set no sea, Voices of folded sheep in the quiet of night Came on the wind to me. Li...Rate it:

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The Sheep-Washers' Lament
Andrew Barton Paterson
Come now, ye sighing washers all, Join in my doleful lay, Mourn for the times none can recall, With hearts to grief a prey. We'll mourn the washer'...Rate it:

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In Sheep's Clothing
Kurt Philip Behm
Disguising his attack, concealing his intent, deceit comes calling as a friend Smiling to your face, fangs in your back, the wolf approaching as a...Rate it:

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James Thomson
In one diffusive band, They drive the troubled flocks, by many a dog Compell'd to where the mazy-running brook Forms a deep pool; this bank abrupt ...Rate it:

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The Black Sheep
Robert William Service
"The aristocratic ne'er-do-well in Canada frequently finds his way into the ranks of the Royal North-West Mounted Police." -- Extract. Har...Rate it:

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The Hog, The Sheep, And Goat, Carrying To A FAIR
Anne Kingsmill Finch
Who does not wish, ever to judge aright, And, in the Course of Life's Affairs, To have a quick, and far extended Sight, Tho' it too often...Rate it:

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Saltbush Bill
Andrew Barton Paterson
Now is the law of the Overland that all in the West obey -- A man must cover with travelling sheep a six-mile stage a day; But this is the law wh...Rate it:

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One in a Hundred
James E. Hyler II
A young sheep among a flock wandered and as he looked around he pondered the grass is much greener over there i'll go yonder and not even have t...Rate it:

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The Loving Shepherdess
Robinson Jeffers
The little one-room schoolhousc among the redwoods Opened its door, a dozen children ran out And saw on the narrow road between the dense trees...Rate it:

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Saltbush Bill's Second Flight
Andrew Barton Paterson
The news came down on the Castlereagh, and went to the world at large, That twenty thousand travelling sheep, with Saltbush Bill in charge, Were ...Rate it:

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The Travelling Post Office
Andrew Barton Paterson
The roving breezes come and go, the reed-beds sweep and sway, The sleepy river murmers low,and loiters on its way, It is the land of lots o'time ...Rate it:

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A Shepherd's Dream
Nicholas Breton
A silly shepherd lately sat Among a flock of sheep; Where musing long on this and that, At last he fell asleep. And in the slumber as he lay, He ga...Rate it:

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The Green-Hand Rouseabout
Henry Lawson
Call this hot? I beg your pardon. Hot!—you don’t know what it means. (What’s that, waiter? lamb or mutton! Thank you—mine is beef and greens. Bread...Rate it:

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The Last of The Flock
William Wordsworth
I In distant countries have I been, And yet I have not often seen A healthy man, a man full grown, Weep in the public roads, alone. But such ...Rate it:

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