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The Beginnings
Rudyard Kipling
It was not part of their blood, It came to them very late With long arrears to make good, When the English began to hate. They were no...Rate it:

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British Association, Notes of the President's Address
James Clerk Maxwell
In the very beginnings of science, the parsons, who managed things then, Being handy with hammer and chisel, made gods in the likeness of men; Till...Rate it:

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Robert Graves
hidden roots. Baffled gardener, you behold New beginnings and new shoots Spring again from hiddeRate it:

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Hermann Hesse
find new light that old ties cannot give. In all beginnings dwells a magic force For guarding us anRate it:

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of hope and mourning
Mark Langendorf
day. Greeting each morning as a gift of new beginnings. Savor this life never just exist Be the cRate it:

(4.50 / 2 votes)
Rudyard Kipling
lose, and start again at your beginnings, And never breathe a word about your loss: If you can foRate it:

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A Friend of Mine
Sheila King
a tale “It all began”, or “it started when”; are beginnings to use as well “Happily ever after”; woRate it:

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About These Poems
Boris Pasternak
will not monthly sweep and fall And cover up beginnings, ends. One day I'll suddenly recall: TheRate it:

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A Bruised Reed Shall He Not Break
Christina Georgina Rossetti
fruitful, blessing still, The germs and small beginnings in thy heart, Because thy will cleaves to Rate it:

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a tale “It all began”, or “it started when”; are beginnings to use as well “Happily ever after”; woRate it:

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Address To Kilchurn Castle, Upon Loch Awe
William Wordsworth
the perception of this Age, appear Thy fierce beginnings, softened and subdued And quieted in charRate it:

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Another Chance
Kurt Philip Behm
it’s clean… Its ending not restrained by false beginnings The future more indentured than the past Rate it:

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Canyon Dancers
Kurt Philip Behm
a vision all time has denied old beginnings freed from the end Deep in the canyon, the cliffs hRate it:

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From ‘Paracelsus’
Robert Browning
Thus He dwells in all, From life’s minute beginnings, up at last To man—the consummation of thiRate it:

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Hymn To The Patriarchs
Count Giacomo Leopardi
OR OF THE BEGINNINGS OF THE HUMAN RACE. Illustrious fathers of the human race, Of you, the song of your afflicted sons Will chant the praise; of y...Rate it:

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I Answered Back
Kurt Philip Behm
regrets, . . . because I answered back From all beginnings to every distant end, . . . I answeredRate it:

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In Early Spring
Alice Meynell
so, Your songs yet half devised in the dim dear Beginnings of the year. In these young days you medRate it:

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Introduction To The True-Born Englishman
Daniel Defoe
repel the vicious tide; To Englishmen their own beginnings show, And ask them why they slight theirRate it:

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Jerusalem Delivered - Book 01 - part 03
Torquato Tasso
let the issue correspondent prove To good beginnings of each enterprise; The gentle season might ouRate it:

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Charles Lamb
knows as yet the full event Of those so low beginnings, From whence we date our winnings, But wondeRate it:

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Morituri Salutamus: Poem for the Fiftieth Anniversary of th
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
its illusions, aspirations, dreams! Book of Beginnings, Story without End, Each maid a heroinRate it:

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Nature And Life
George Meredith
which is the spirit's bath In the old Beginnings find, And endow them with a mind, Seed for seedlinRate it:

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Oak Creek Canyon Echo
Kurt Philip Behm
sudden She risks my anger As I will drag all new beginnings Into what she seeks to end Pushing her Rate it:

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P. a. munch
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
our lands are too our peoples. Their beginnings prehistoric Stretch afar in fog and darkness. But aRate it:

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Kurt Philip Behm
end closes in Where robbed of any more new beginnings The past and future now get to choose As tRate it:

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