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Sonnet XX: Fly, Fly, My Friends
Sir Philip Sidney
Fly, fly, my friends, I have my death wound; fly! See there that boy, that murthering boy I say, Who like a thief, hid in dark bush doth lie, Ti...Rate it:

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Fly Away, Fly Away Over The Sea
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Fly away, fly away over the sea, Sun-loving swallow, for summer is done; Come again, come again, come back to me, Bringing the summer and bringi...Rate it:

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The Independent Bee
William Schwenck Gilbert
A hive of bees, as I've heard say, Said to their Queen one sultry day, "Please your Majesty's high position, The hive is full and the weather is wa...Rate it:

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The Lily and the Bee
Henry Lawson
I Looked upon the lilies When the morning sun was low, And the sun shone through a lily With a softened honey glow. A spot was in the lily That mov...Rate it:

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Victoria Sackville-West
I have known honey from the Syrian hills Stored in cool jars; the wild acacia there On the rough terrace where the locust shrills Tosses her spindr...Rate it:

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The Bee
Sidney Lanier
What time I paced, at pleasant morn, A deep and dewy wood, I heard a mellow hunting-horn Make dim report of Dian's lustihood Far down a heave...Rate it:

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Because the Bee may blameless hum
Emily Dickinson
Because the Bee may blameless hum For Thee a Bee do I become List even unto Me. Because the Flowers unafraid May lift a look on thine, a Maid Alwa...Rate it:

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The Rose and the Bee
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
'Well, what tidings today?' said the bee To the burgeoning rose. 'You are young, yet already you see Much of life, I suppose.' Said the rose, 'Oh, ...Rate it:

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Upon The Bee
John Bunyan
The bee goes out, and honey home doth bring, And some who seek that honey find a sting. Now would'st thou have the honey, and be free From stinging...Rate it:

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Honey Bee
Mario William Vitale
thought of lucid dreams with hay pillow clouds in the sky a tear falls from the face of a little girl shades of grey turned to light The littl...Rate it:

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The Bee's Song
Julia Ward Howe
Do not tie my wings, Says the honey-bee; Do not bind my wings, Leave them glad and free. If I fly abroad, If I keep afar, Humming all the day, Wher...Rate it:

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What the Bee Is To the Floweret
Thomas Moore
What the bee is to the floweret, When he looks for honey-dew, Through the leaves that close embower it, That, my love, I'll be to you. She. --...Rate it:

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On First Looking into Bee Palmer's Shoulders
Franklin P. Adams
WITH BOWS TO KEATS AND KEITH'S ["The World's Most Famous Shoulders"] Then I felt like some watcher of the skies When a new planet swims into his ...Rate it:

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The Bee's Winter Retreat
Charlotte Smith
Go, while the summer suns are bright, Take at large thy wandering flight, Go, and load thy tiny feet With every rich and various sweet; Cling aroun...Rate it:

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The Pine-Apple And The Bee
William Cowper
The pine-apples, in triple row, Were basking hot, and all in blow; A bee of most discerning taste Perceived the fragrance as he pass’d, On eager wi...Rate it:

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The Spellin'-Bee
Paul Laurence Dunbar
I NEVER shall furgit that night when father hitched up Dobbin, An' all us youngsters clambered in an' down the road went bobbin' To school where we...Rate it:

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We—Bee and I—live by the quaffing
Emily Dickinson
We—Bee and I—live by the quaffing— 'Tisn't all Hock—with us— Life has its Ale— But it's many a lay of the Dim Burgundy— We chant—for cheer—when the...Rate it:

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Bee! I'm expecting you!
Emily Dickinson
Bee! I'm expecting you! Was saying Yesterday To Somebody you know That you were due— The Frogs got Home last Week— Are settled, and at work— Birds...Rate it:

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The bee, when varying flowers are nigh
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
The bee, when varying flowers are nigh, On many a sweet will careless dwell; Just sips their dew, and then will fly Again to its own fragrant cel...Rate it:

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Robert Herrick
Fly to my mistress, pretty pilfering bee, And say thou bring'st this honey-bag from me; When on her lip thou hast thy sweet dew placed, Mark if her...Rate it:

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The Bee-Boy's Song
Rudyard Kipling
Bees! Bees! Hark to your bees! "Hide from your neigbours as much as you please, But all that has happened, to us you must tell, Or else we will giv...Rate it:

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A bee
Matsuo Basho
A bee staggers out of the peony. Translated by Robert Hass Rate it:

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Fame is a bee
Emily Dickinson
Fame is a bee. It has a song— It has a sting— Ah, too, it has a wing. Rate it:

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Fuscara, or the Bee Errant ( excerpt)
John Cleveland
o "But oh! what waspe was't that could prove Ravilliack to my Queen of Love? The King of Bees now's jealous grown Lest her beams should melt hi...Rate it:

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I stole them from a Bee
Emily Dickinson
I stole them from a Bee— Because—Thee— Sweet plea— He pardoned me! Rate it:

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