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The House Was Quiet And The World Was Calm
Wallace Stevens
The house was quiet and the world was calm. The reader became the book; and summer night Was like the conscious being of the book. The house was q...Rate it:

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The Quiet Eye
Eliza Cook
THE ORB I like is not the one That dazzles with its lightning gleam; That dares to look upon the sun, As though it challenged brighter beam...Rate it:

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The Three Quiet Gentlemen
Henry Lawson
There is a quiet gentleman a-motoring in France (Oh, don’t you hear the honking of a British motor-car?)— Like any quiet gentleman that you may mee...Rate it:

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The Quiet Lodger
James Whitcomb Riley
The man that rooms next door to me: Two weeks ago, this very night, He took possession quietly, As any other lodger might-- But why the room next m...Rate it:

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I Shall Be Loved As Quiet Things
Karle Wilson Baker
I shall be loved as quiet things Are loved--white pigeons in the sun, Curled yellow leaves that whisper down One after one; The silver reticence o...Rate it:

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A Late Lark Twitters From The Quiet Skies
William Ernest Henley
the quiet skies: And from the west, Where the sun, his day's work ended, Lingers as in content, There falls on the old, gray city An influence lumi...Rate it:

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Quiet Eyes
Katharine Tynan
The boys come home, come home from war, With quiet eyes for quiet things -- A child, a lamb, a flower, a star, A bird that softly sings. Young fac...Rate it:

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I Wish I Had A Quiet Tomb
Louisa May Alcott
'I wish I had a quiet tomb, Beside a little rill; Where birds, and bees, and butterflies, Would sing upon the hill.' Rate it:

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A Quiet Mind
Thomas Vaux
When all is done and said, In the end thus shall you find, He most of all doth bathe in bliss That hath a quiet mind: And, clear from worldly cares...Rate it:

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All Day She Quiet Lay
Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev
All day she quiet lay, lost in a trance, The closing shadows all of her embracing... The madcap rain of summer frisked and pranced, At leaves it dr...Rate it:

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If, on a Quiet Sea
Augustus Montague Toplady
If, on a quiet sea, toward heaven we calmly sail, With grateful hearts, O God, to Thee, We’ll own the favoring gale, With grateful hearts, O God, t...Rate it:

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Leave Him Now Quiet by the Way
Trumbull Stickney
Leave him now quiet by the way To rest apart. I know what draws him to the dust alway And churns him in the builder's lime: He has the fright of...Rate it:

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Maid Quiet
William Butler Yeats
WHERE has Maid Quiet gone to, Nodding her russet hood? The winds that awakened the stars Are blowing through my blood. O how could I be so calm Whe...Rate it:

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Patience—has a quiet Outer
Emily Dickinson
Patience—has a quiet Outer— Patience—Look within— Is an Insect's futile forces Infinites—between— 'Scaping one—against the other Fruitlesser to fl...Rate it:

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Quiet Waters
Donka Krsteva
Away from the mundane, thought stilled, awaiting, on quiet waters to sail.Rate it:

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Quiet, Lord, My Froward Heart
John Newton
Quiet, Lord, my froward heart, Make me teachable and mild; Upright, simple, free from art, Make me as a weaned child; From distrust and envy free, ...Rate it:

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She went as quiet as the Dew
Emily Dickinson
She went as quiet as the Dew From an Accustomed flower. Not like the Dew, did she return At the Accustomed hour! She dropt as softly as a star Fro...Rate it:

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The Quiet Harvest
Philip Henry Savage
WITHIN a thicket ere the sun Was up, I heard a whisper run. Each bush and tree was bidding, now, Its yellow leaves forsake the bough. And each ...Rate it:

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The Quiet Snow
Raymond Knister
1 The quiet snow 2 Will splotch 3 Each in the row of cedars 4 With a fine 5 And patient hand; 6 Numb the harshness, 7 T...Rate it:

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The Things that Cause a Quiet Life
Henry Howard
My friend, the things that do attain The happy life be these, I find: The riches left, not got with pain, The fruitful ground; the quiet mind; The...Rate it:

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This Quiet Dust was Gentlemen and Ladies
Emily Dickinson
This quiet dust was gentlemen and ladies And lads and girls; Was laughter and ability and sighing, And frocks and curls; This passive place a summ...Rate it:

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Those Quiet Blamed
Kurt Philip Behm
From Lederhosen, a monster chosen A Third is damned, —inked slaughtered lambs The eagle rises, truth despises A country shamed, —those quie...Rate it:

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Quiet Joy.
Robert Crawford
No Lethean ease, but such a mood as craves For naught in earth and heaven, just to breathe The simple air of our reality Like creatures of the seas...Rate it:

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A Quiet Soul
John Oldham
Thy soul within such silent pomp did keep, As if humanity were lull'd asleep; So gentle was thy pilgrimage beneath, Time's unheard feet scarce m...Rate it:

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Deep In the Quiet Wood
James Weldon Johnson
Are you bowed down in heart? Do you but hear the clashing discords and the din of life? Then come away, come to the peaceful wood, Here bathe your ...Rate it:

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