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On a Lady Throwing Snow-Balls at Her Lover
Christopher Smart
[From the Latin of Petronious Ascanius.] When, wanton fair, the snowy orb you throw, I feel a fire before unknown in snow. E'en coldest snow I f...Rate it:

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Popcorn, Glass Balls, and Cranberries
Vachel Lindsay
I. THE LION The Lion is a kingly beast. He likes a Hindu for a feast. And if no Hindu he can get, The lion-family is upset. He cuffs his wife and...Rate it:

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Base Details
Siegfried Sassoon
If I were fierce, and bald, and short of breath I'd live with scarlet Majors at the Base, And speed glum heroes up the line to death. You'd see ...Rate it:

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The Base Of All Metaphysics
Walt Whitman
AND now, gentlemen, A word I give to remain in your memories and minds, As base, and finale too, for all metaphysics. (So, to the stu...Rate it:

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At The Base Hospital
George Essex Evans
The willows sweep the water, and the rushes lean a-down, And I see the river shining far away, With a snowy cloud above it, floating softly, like a...Rate it:

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Gunner Joe
Marriott Edgar
I'll tell you a seafaring story, Of a lad who won honour and fame Wi' Nelson at Battle 'Trafalgar, Joe Moggeridge, that were his name. He were...Rate it:

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Sounds From The Baseball Field
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Batter in the home place, That was nobly done; Try and get the first base- Run! Run ! RUN! Ah, there, short stop, will you miss? Hear the people c...Rate it:

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Recollections Of A Faded Beauty
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
AH! I remember when I was a girl How my hair naturally used to curl, And how my aunt four yards of net would pucker, And call the odious thing, ...Rate it:

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Victor Galbraith. (Birds Of Passage. Flight The First)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Under the walls of Monterey At daybreak the bugles began to play, Victor Galbraith! In the mist of the morning damp and gray, These were the words ...Rate it:

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Nikhil Parekh
The Sun emitted acerbic rays of stringent light, flooding darkened zones of the cosmos, providing dazzling brightness to all existing in realms o...Rate it:

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George Herbert
Blest be the God of love, Who gave me eyes, and light, and power this day, Both to be busy, and to play. But much more blest be God above, Who g...Rate it:

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Jean Chouan
Victor Marie Hugo
The Whites fled, and the Blues fired down the glade. A hill the plain commanded and surveyed, And round this hill, of trees and verdure bare, Wild ...Rate it:

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Mother and Poet
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
I. Dead ! One of them shot by the sea in the east, And one of them shot in the west by the sea. Dead ! both my boys ! When you sit at the fea...Rate it:

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Not Heat Flames Up And Consumes
Walt Whitman
NOT heat flames up and consumes, Not sea-waves hurry in and out, Not the air, delicious and dry, the air of the ripe summer, bears ...Rate it:

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The Shepherd's Calendar - October
John Clare
Nature now spreads around in dreary hue A pall to cover all that summer knew Yet in the poets solitary way Some pleasing objects for his praise del...Rate it:

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The Splinters Of Love
Nikhil Parekh
When a conglomerate of thunder clouds collided in the cosmos, Infinite splinters of water pelted down in fury; gently bruising naked patches of my...Rate it:

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A Minor Poet
Amy Levy
"What should such fellows as I do, Crawling between earth and heaven?" Here is the phial; here I turn the key Sharp in the lock. Click!--there's n...Rate it:

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The Quality of Courage
Stephen Vincent Benet
Black trees against an orange sky, Trees that the wind shook terribly, Like a harsh spume along the road, Quavering up like withered arms, Writ...Rate it:

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The Teares of the Muses
Edmund Spenser
Rehearse to me ye sacred Sisters nine: The golden brood of great Apolloes wit, Those piteous plaints and sorrowful sad tine, Which late ye powred f...Rate it:

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Virgidemarium (excerpt)
Joseph Hall
With some pot-fury, ravish'd from their wit, They sit and muse on some no-vulgar writ: As frozen dunghills in a winter's morn, That void of v...Rate it:

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A Toccata Of Galuppi's
Robert Browning
I. Oh Galuppi, Baldassaro, this is very sad to find! I can hardly misconceive you; it would prove me deaf and blind; But although I take your mean...Rate it:

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H for Higher.
Twitches feeling stitches in my ditches Formation to full my blood with witches But why call them out the ignorance of what was told to fool the b...Rate it:

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Hudibras - The Lady's Answer to The Knight
Samuel Butler
That you're a beast, and turn'd to grass, Is no strange news, nor ever was; At least to me, who once you know, Did from the pound replevin you, Whe...Rate it:

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The Baldness Of Chewed-Ear
Robert William Service
When Chewed-ear Jenkins got hitched up to Guinneyveer McGee, His flowin' locks, ye recollect, wuz frivolous an' free; But in old Hymen's jack-pot, ...Rate it:

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A Hollowed Out Tree
Kurt Philip Behm
Living inside the base of a hollowed out tree Since childhood, my dreams have been formed Living inside a space where the walls almost touched ...Rate it:

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