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Band Concert
Carl Sandburg
Band concert public square Nebraska city. Flowing and circling dresses, summer-white dresses. Faces, flesh tints flung like sprays of cherry blosso...Rate it:

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The Band
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Hey, there! Listen awhile! Listen awhile, and come. Down in the street there are marching feet, and I hear the beat of a drum. Bim! Boom!! Out ...Rate it:

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The Band of Gideon
Joseph Seamon Cotter
The band of Gideon roam the sky, The howling wind is their war-cry, The thunder roll is their trump's peal, And the lightning flash their vengef...Rate it:

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The Colored Band
Paul Laurence Dunbar
W'EN de colo'ed ban' comes ma'chin' down de street, Don't you people stan' daih starin'; lif' yo' feet! Ain't dey playin'? Hip, hooray! Stir yo' st...Rate it:

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The Toy Band
Sir Henry Newbolt
A Song of the Great Retreat Dreary lay the long road, dreary lay the town, Lights out and never a glint o' moon: Weary lay the stragglers, half ...Rate it:

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To A Lady, Who Presented The Author With The Velvet Band Which Bound Her Tresses
George Gordon Lord Byron
This Band, which bound thy yellow hair, Is mine, sweet girl! Thy pledge of love; It claims my warmest, dearest care, Like relics left of saints abo...Rate it:

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When the French Band Plays
Anonymous Americas
THERE'S a military band that plays, on Sunday afternoons, In a certain nameless city's quaint old square. It can rouse the blood to battle with its...Rate it:

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