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The Cornish Pasty
Christopher Webster
of a certain tin miner Decided one day just to bake A meal in a pastry hard jacket, 'N drop it hot Rate it:

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Fair Annie
Andrew Lang
and gear; Wi you I neer got nane. 'But wha will bake my bridal bread, Or brew my bridal ale? And wRate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
the dears that will cub oud; You cad safely bake your bind ub There is very liddle doubd. You've goRate it:

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Work chapter VII
Khalil Gibran
alms of those who work with joy. For if you bake bread with indifference, you bake a bitter breadRate it:

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Sterling Warner
blood-red fingernails, Embers that boil, bake, or brand Whatever—whoever— Stands in her path. PeleRate it:

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The Manlet
Lewis Carroll
champing the bunlet His spouse was so skilful to bake, He hies him once more to the runlet To fetchRate it:

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The Song Of The Old Mother
William Butler Yeats
fire flicker and glow; And then I must scrub and bake and sweep Till stars are beginning to blink aRate it:

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Little Orphant Annie
James Whitcomb Riley
the hearth, an' sweep, An' make the fire, an' bake the bread, an' earn her board-an'-keep; An' all Rate it:

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Edith Nesbit
done. I sweep and churn, save and contrive, I bake and brew, I don't complain, But every Monday morRate it:

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Scotch Drink
Robert Burns
thrice! There, seize the blinkers! An bake them up in brunstane pies For poor damn'd drinRate it:

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Tender Buttons [Apple]
Gertrude Stein
no no gold work with pet, a green seen is called bake and change sweet is bready, a little piece a Rate it:

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A Cook
Geoffrey Chaucer
and seethe and fry, Make good thick soup and bake a tasty pie... As for blancmange, he made it withRate it:

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Henry Lawson
and stony "rises," where the bullocks sweat and bake, And the sinister "gohanna," and the lizard, Rate it:

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Fit the First: ( Hunting of the Snark )
Lewis Carroll
to keep up its spirits," he said. He came as a Baker: but owned, when too late-- And it drove theRate it:

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For A Picture
Algernon Charles Swinburne
grasp. Her bosom is an oven of myrrh, to bake Love's white warm shewbread to a browner cake. The Rate it:

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Here Died
Henry Lawson
the coastal streams, or out where the townships bake, They march in fancy, and fight in dreams, anRate it:

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I Am The Living Bread: Meditation Eight: John 6:51
Edward Taylor
God mould up this Bread in Heaven, and bake, Which from his Table came, and to thine goeth? Doth heRate it:

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Marshall's Mate
Henry Lawson
You almost heard the surface bake, and saw the gum-leaves turn -- You could have watched the grass scorch brown had there been grass to burn. In...Rate it:

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Paul Laurence Dunbar
a good sha'p knife an' sco' it, Den you bake it good an' brown. Huh-uh! honey, you 's so happy Dat Rate it:

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Possum A Lay of New Chumland
Henry Lawson
but he soon grew out of that; An’ he lernt ter bake ’is damper, an’ he leant to bile ’is junk An’ sRate it:

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Potpourri Babycakes
Kurt Philip Behm
a noble stunt The blend what’s vital, layers bake, Choo Choo Mamma—Potpourri Babycakes (VillanoRate it:

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remeber me
Chelby Mortonson
in leaving my love alone makes my path to take bake your spy way light only lonely is the same as mRate it:

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Sam Holt
Andrew Barton Paterson
she stewed, And the damper you taught her to bake. Oh! don't you remember the moon's silver sheen,Rate it:

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Spring in Town
William Cullen Bryant
happy man! whose trade it is to buy, And bake, and braid those love-knots of the world; Who curls oRate it:

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St. Andrews Anniversary
James McIntyre
of Tartan hose, The land where all good wives do bake The thirfty, wholesome oaten cake. We hope sRate it:

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