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To Baffle Time
Henry Abbey
To baffle time, whose tooth has never rest, And make the counted line, from page to page, Compact, fulfilled of what is apt and best, And vibrant w...Rate it:

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Rokeby: Canto III.
Sir Walter Scott
the war; He, when each double and disguise To baffle the pursuit he tries, Low crouching now hisRate it:

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Runic Verses
George Borrow
verses, O the mighty strength of song Cannot baffle all the curses Which to mortal state belong. SRate it:

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Report on Tait's Lecture on Force
James Clerk Maxwell
to surround you: But those whose statements baffle all attacks, Safe by evasion,— Whose definition,Rate it:

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The Witch Of Mull
Cicely Fox Smith
speed! Their magic powers Calm the deep and baffle ours: Aid us, thou who know'st full well StrongeRate it:

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A Child's Battles
Algernon Charles Swinburne
right or wrong, 'Tis time, lest rhyme should baffle, I doubt, to put a snaffle On my song. And nevRate it:

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A Vision of Poesy - Part 01
Henry Timrod
characters unknown; But the frail scrolls still baffle all my powers: What is this language and wheRate it:

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Ah! Where Is Palafox? Nor Tongue Nor Pen
William Wordsworth
we shall hail thee, Champion brave, Redeemed to baffle that imperial Slave, And through all Europe Rate it:

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Alone, I cannot be
Emily Dickinson
Hosts—do visit me— Recordless Company— Who baffle Key— They have no Robes, nor Names— No Almanacs—Rate it:

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An Epistle Containing the Strange Medical Experience of Kar
Robert Browning
And aptest in contrivance (under God) To baffle it by deftly stopping such:-- The vagrant Rate it:

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Art is Long - Hair is Shorter
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
the place And, in the modern manner, seek To baffle one with the unique. I've often wondered if thRate it:

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At San Giovanni Del Lago
Alfred Austin
Herod slew The suckling babes, and thought To baffle God, Christ lived and grew, And in the temple Rate it:

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Joseph Furphy
in Gulfs of slime With names that balk and baffle rhyme Prodigious sloths, whose daily food Was Rate it:

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Catching The Coach
Alfred Thomas Chandler
down in the claim -- Such various expedients to baffle the State. Then 'Who put him on?' -- 'Twig Rate it:

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Continued - III
George Meredith
flies of idle aim Less put the spirit out, less baffle thirst For light than swinish grunters, blesRate it:

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Elk Country
Silas Weir Mitchell
To think of the camp-fires we builded To baffle those terrible pungies; To think how we wanderedRate it:

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Finis Exoptatus
Adam Lindsay Gordon
caution O'er the earthly shell, We can neither baffle nor shun Dark-plumed Azrael. Onward ! onward Rate it:

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From Paris To Brussels (11 P.M. 15 October To Half-Past 1 P.M. 16) Proem At The Paris Station
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
In France (to baffle thieves and murderers) A journey takes two days of passport work At least. The plan's sometimes a tedious one, But bears it...Rate it:

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How We Beat The Favourite
Adam Lindsay Gordon
where the headland was sound. I pulled hard to baffle her rush with the snaffle, Before her two-tRate it:

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In Praise Of Writing Letters
Anne Kingsmill Finch
Their secret Thoughts by Letters to convey; To baffle Absence, and secure Delight, Which, till tRate it:

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Lydia Dick
Eugene Field
her crown of glorious hair-- These things baffle my description; I should have a fit conniption If Rate it:

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Midsummer Midnight Skies
William Ernest Henley
miserable, distraught - The Law no man may baffle denied and slew. The spell-bound ships stand as Rate it:

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Gavril Romanovich Derzhavin
really die! The part of me that's largest Will baffle death, and will escape decay, My fame will grRate it:

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Mrs. Kessler
Edgar Lee Masters
can pace decay, And there are stains that baffle soap, And there are colors that run in spite of Rate it:

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Napoleon's Farewell (From The French)
George Gordon Lord Byron
thy tear will unfold it Yet, yet, I may baffle the hosts that sur­round us, And yet may thy heart lRate it:

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