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Komal Vasudeva
to fight Just for the show of might One should avoid having a girlfriend If one wants to avoid fighRate it:

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Your Name
Ehsan Sehgal
appearance In my heart, mind, and soul I cannot avoid that Even if I try to avoid But I always let Rate it:

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The Eagle and the Mole
Elinor Morton Wylie
Avoid the reeking herd, Shun the polluted flock, Live like that stoic bird, The eagle of the rock. The huddled warmth of crowds Begets and fos...Rate it:

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Rules and Regulations
Lewis Carroll
A short direction To avoid dejection, By variations In occupations, And prolongation Of relaxation, And combinations Of recreations, And di...Rate it:

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Theron And Zoe
Walter Savage Landor
youth I would desire to bless her. Theron: To avoid My importunity; to hear no more The broken worRate it:

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Thoughts On Jesus Christ's Decent Into Hell
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
she hastes to 'scape pursuit And to avoid her Judge's eye; The Lord's fierce wrath restrains her fRate it:

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To Ladies Of A Certain Age
John Trumbull
and the rust of age. With graceful ease, avoid to wear The gloom of disappointed care: And oh, avoiRate it:

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Trivia ; or, the Art of Walking the Streets of London : Book II.
John Gay
by the rev'rend gown, Three trades avoid; oft in the mingling press, The barber's apron soils theRate it:

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Trivia; or, the Art of Walking the Streets of London (excer
John Gay
by the rev'rend gown, Three trades avoid; oft in the mingling press, The barber's apron soils tRate it:

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At a Poetry Party I Am Given the Rhyme Chih
Li Ching Chao
thirty years I try to keep my mouth shut and avoid reputation. Now who is this nosy gentleman talRate it:

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Beautiful Life
have taught mankind valueable lessons, war is to avoid as are nuclear weapons, negotiations improveRate it:

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Justice That Doesn't Exist
Ehsan Sehgal
travel; I live And breathe, Facing such ones I avoid; I tolerate And ignore However, such ones DeliRate it:

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and get lucky or die of natural causes, avoid the actions of suicide are of the most importance. SRate it:

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Patience Is My Power
Ehsan Sehgal
critical Conducts and attitudes Of the people I avoid the quarrel I face all awkward faces With onlRate it:

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Surrendering Is Humiliation
Ehsan Sehgal
I stay far away from conflicts I avoid at my last resort, Spraying love and peace However, If one imposes that, upon me Indeed, I resist that I su...Rate it:

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The Fair Singer
Andrew Marvell
curled trammels of her hair. But how should I avoid to be her Slave, Whose subtile Art invisibly caRate it:

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A Friendly Game Of Football
Edward George Dyson
named Bent, And four others started fighting to avoid an argument: So Simonsen postponed the game, Rate it:

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The End In Sight
Kurt Philip Behm
Do you avoid the give and take, are you afraid to cut the cake With hope now gone, one wish is left, the present strong—all else bereft Are y...Rate it:

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Divine Justice Amiable
William Cowper
and lost, In shades of central night; Not to avoid thy wrath, thou know'st, But lest I grieve thy sRate it:

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Ad Comitissam Rutlandiæ
Francis Beaumont
how to do't I cannot find the way. I would avoid the common beaten ways To women used, which are loRate it:

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The Cultural Change of Manhood
Jesus Penaranda
They are thought to cage in emotions to avoid being labeled as weak. When these emotions are suppreRate it:

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Who Is This
Rabindranath Tagore
follows me in the silent dark? I move aside to avoid his presence but I escape him not. He makeRate it:

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A Sea Dirge
Lewis Carroll
like the Sea? There is an insect that people avoid (Whence is derived the verb 'to flee'). Where Rate it:

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Parade-Song of the Camp-Animals
Rudyard Kipling
heroes in their harnesses avoid a cannon-ball, And what they know of powder upsets them one and allRate it:

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A Confidant Without Knowing It; Or The Stratagem
La Fontaine
of meat brings appetite about; And if you would avoid the tempting bit, 'Tis better far at table noRate it:

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