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Death-The Absolute King Of Optimism.
Nikhil Parekh
waves of titillating adventure whistle past your aroused skin? Wasn't it only because of the fearRate it:

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harmonies of peaceful souls Celestial visions aroused as night stars spotlights all that unfoldsRate it:

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of nyctophobia deny optional visions being aroused let alone optimised Like moths blindly drawn to Rate it:

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The Spanish Dancer
Rainer Maria Rilke
rattlesnakes, the long naked arms uncoil, aroused and clicking. And then: as if the fire were too Rate it:

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'John T'
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
I think a great deal too much fuss Has been aroused 'mid all of us About this crude economist John T. And fellows of his kidney now, 'Mid people up...Rate it:

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A Man’s Wooing
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
found you, The real woman, whose first touch Aroused to highest life My real manhood. Crown it Rate it:

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A Song of the Republic
Henry Lawson
In the ominous atmosphere. Sons of the South, aroused at last! Sons of the South are few! But Rate it:

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A Spell Of Immortal Happiness
Nikhil Parekh
ears; a spell of immortal happiness . The joy aroused due to the ravishing fruits on the branches Rate it:

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A Storm in the Mountains
Charles Harpur
seem to huddle past; As if the dread stir had aroused from sleep Weird spirits, cloistered in yonRate it:

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A Voice From The Dungeon
Anne Brontë
piercing shriek. Alas! Alas! That cursed scream Aroused me from my heavenly dream; I looked aroundRate it:

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Abhangs (A Short Collection)
Sant Tukaram
said. Vitthal gave me the measure and gently aroused me from a dream inside a dream. Namdeo vowed tRate it:

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Against The Devil's Whine
Nikhil Parekh
name of Flesh; the same Flesh which magically aroused every tangible pore of your skin to even the Rate it:

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An Autograph
James McIntyre
leaf. But we must cease, 'ere your ire Be aroused 'gainst McIntyre, Who doth reside in Ingersoll-Rate it:

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At The Theatre
Constantine P. Cavafy
about you that afternoon; my mind and body were aroused. And as I gazed enthralled at your languid Rate it:

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Ballad Of The Traitor’s Soul
Edgar Lee Masters
in a coign of the dark; And the fiends were aroused from slumber, When Cerberus began to bark. Rate it:

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Belfry of Bruges, The
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
victory in the land!" Then the sound of drums aroused me. The awakened city's roar Chased the phaRate it:

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Bereft, She Thinks She Dreams
Thomas Hardy
lasted days, but minute and hour I expect to get aroused And find him as usual in the bower Where wRate it:

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Beyond My Doubt
Kurt Philip Behm
leisure To answer questions only when the pen aroused But as grayness enters now on a near hRate it:

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Book Of Love - The Types
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
bear These six fond loving pair. Love, when aroused, kept true Rustan and Rad! Strangers approach fRate it:

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Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
open'd to the Stranger's eye, A dream of THEE, aroused by Fancy's power, Shall be the first to waRate it:

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Walt Whitman
Aroused and angry, I thought to beat the alarum, and urge relentless war; But soon my fingers fail'd me, my face droop'd, and I resign'd ...Rate it:

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Frederick Douglass
Paul Laurence Dunbar
gave his life. The place and cause that first aroused his might Still proved its pow'r until his lRate it:

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Husband & wife
Nikhil Parekh
Universe; whose infallibly unflinching optimism aroused me from even the most ghastliest of my corRate it:

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I approach and I withdraw
Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz
can't be lost. Oh, pity the poor person who aroused such kind disdain that to avoid giving painRate it:

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I Was Born in the Right Time, in Whole
Anna Akhmatova
of my friends, Like sad birds, in the evening aroused, Sing of love, that was never on land. Rate it:

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