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An Apprehension
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
IF all the gentlest-hearted friends I know Concentred in one heart their gentleness, That still grew gentler till its pulse was less For life than ...Rate it:

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Et Dona Ferentes
Rudyard Kipling
or 'neath wilder, milder skies, I 'observe with apprehension' how the racial ructions rise; And wiRate it:

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Infanticide in Madagascar
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
destiny is removed, and the parents may, without apprehension, embrace and cherish their offspring.Rate it:

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A Girls Thoughts
Isaac Rosenberg
Dim apprehension of a trust Comes over me this quiet hour, As though the silence were a flower, And this, its perfume, dark like dust. My individu...Rate it:

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A Piccaninny
James Brunton Stephens
broken-nosed dissension— A Helen in the nigger apprehension? Nay, my black tulip, I congratulate tRate it:

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Across The Pampas
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
we had loved in youth, All in a maze of present apprehension Mingled uncouth; And how we travelledRate it:

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Joseph Furphy
Sam) For Time stretched out in aeons dim To Apprehension's very rim, Is insignificant to him A Rate it:

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Constable M‘Carty’s Investigations
Henry Lawson
at large. His appearance failed to warrant apprehension as a vagrant, Tho’ ’twas getting very shabbRate it:

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George Herbert
when I could not get, I thought it here: That apprehension cur'd so well my foot, That I can walkRate it:

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Floretty's Musical Contribution
James Whitcomb Riley
her there By Cousin Rufus left her even more In apprehension than she was before. But, testing his Rate it:

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From Mount Ebal
John Bunyan
to the symbolizing of the place, Unto our apprehension; but the case– The sad, the woeful case–of Rate it:

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I think to Live—may be a Bliss
Emily Dickinson
come— No Goblin—on the Bloom— No start in Apprehension's Ear, No Bankruptcy—no Doom— But CertaintiRate it:

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Memorabilia of Last Week
Thomas Moore
no one like Freddy. Tuesday Much grave apprehension express'd by the Peers, Lest -- calling to lRate it:

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My Worthiness is all my Doubt
Emily Dickinson
prove For His beloved Need— The Chiefest Apprehension Upon my thronging Mind— 'Tis true—that DeityRate it:

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Nurse Green
Charles Lamb
your terrors can smother, If vainly against apprehension you strive, Come, bury your fears in the aRate it:

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October, 1803
William Wordsworth
brave by nature, taint the air With words of apprehension and despair: While tens of thousandRate it:

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On The Lord's Prayer
Charles Lamb
beneath. 'Our daily bread give us,' your young apprehension May well understand is to pray for ourRate it:

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Sonnet 66: And Do I See Some Cause
Sir Philip Sidney
burden of long woe In weaken'd minds, quick apprehension breed, Of every image which may comfort Rate it:

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Sonnet XII: That Learned Father
Michael Drayton
Reason only is her name; Sensus - In speedy apprehension, it is Sense; Conscientia - In right or Rate it:

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Emma Lazarus
with heavenly visions, and endowed With apprehension and rare utterance Of noble music, fared in thRate it:

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The Angel In The House. Book II. Canto VI.
Coventry Patmore
part is greater than the whole; And all his apprehension's stress, When he's with her, regards her Rate it:

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The Angel In The House. Book II. Canto XI.
Coventry Patmore
hand, Or whose seraphic love makes flight To the apprehension of her lips; And think, the sun of suRate it:

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The Day's Ration
Ralph Waldo Emerson
the master's sketch, fills and o'erfills My apprehension? Why should I roam, Who cannot circumnavigRate it:

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The Last Salute
Robert Nichols
that which doth reside Deeper than learning; by apprehension Of ancient, dark, and melancholy prideRate it:

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The Loehrs And The Hammonds
James Whitcomb Riley
some well meaning neighbor--with a shade Of apprehension in the answer.... No,-- They had no _childRate it:

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