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One Of Us
Kurt Philip Behm
We appreciate that cousin” said the Rebel to the Yank As all glory left the battlefield where rows of corpses stank “We appreciate that cousi...Rate it:

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The Hunger Strikers Of Ireland
Liam Ó Comáin
Oh, let us appreciate those who gave Their lives for the freedom of Ireland, For such an offering is far beyond Those who seek to understand. Cho...Rate it:

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Deborrah Ann Stenberg
of printed displeasures. Yearn for desires and appreciate success. IN SINCERE RECOGNITION---- ZesRate it:

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Big Sky Country
Deborrah Ann Stenberg
Create in your mind the most ultimate example Appreciate each moment. Live life to the fullest Montana Masterpieces of numerous treasures, alw...Rate it:

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alexis karpouzos
forget the gift. Don't give up the miracle. Appreciate the life.Rate it:

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A Child For Freedom
Thomas C Henshaw
I tall and straight A child have I to love and appreciate A child have I to sacrifice A child haveRate it:

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A Cow and A Goat
Allama Muhammad Iqbal
him Unjust is our complaint against him If you appreciate the life's comforts You would never compRate it:

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A Poet's Hope
Ambrose Bierce
nothing human, and if neither man nor woman Can appreciate the fashion of your merit-buy a dog.' Rate it:

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After the Golden Wedding (Three Soliloquies)
James Kenneth Stephen
if you sometimes fail me, sweetest, And don't appreciate me, dear, No matter: such defects are meetRate it:

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Be Most Careful
Kurt Philip Behm
have developed over time that they will never appreciate or understand But be most careful when thRate it:

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Ch 01 Manner Of Kings Story 07
Sa di
the safety of the boat; thus also a man does not appreciate the value of immunity from a misfortuneRate it:

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Amir Khusro
of Majnun is the orchestra of the lovers, To appreciate its music is quite beyond the ears of the wRate it:

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Dear Old London
Eugene Field
relics of malodorous decay, -- Ye only can appreciate what agony was mine When I was broke in LonRate it:

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Harry Crosby
the moonlight, nor the stars, Nor could I appreciate the fountains Whose cool fingers Wander among Rate it:

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Happy Thanksgiving Heavenly Father
Misty Myers
you for freeing me from self imprisonment, I appreciate all of your spiritual movements , that’s beRate it:

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Happy Thanksgiving Heavenly Father!
Misty Myers
you for freeing me from self imprisonment, I appreciate all of your spiritual movements , that’s beRate it:

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In Memory of Marina Tsvetaeva
Boris Pasternak
in the days when those upon it Were yet to appreciate your worth Rate it:

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I truly appreciate this post. I've been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You've made my day! Thank you again! keaefg...Rate it:

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Josephus Riley
Barcroft Henry Thomas Boake
curious to state, Men did not appreciate This hum'rous innovation from the North Countree. You'll Rate it:

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Lines on and from
Franklin P. Adams
sending you a copy of the new edition. We would appreciate an expression of opinion from you of theRate it:

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Peter Anderson And Co.
Henry Lawson
all was blue, Sing a comic song and act it, and appreciate it, too. Only cynical in cases where hRate it:

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The Artist Of Benevenagh
Liam O Comáin
gift to some it Is the greatest gift. Artists I appreciate and I Wish I was one but there Is one oRate it:

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The Choice
Robert William Service
not sold on body beauty, Though health I appreciate; Character and sense of duty I resign to Men ofRate it:

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The Music of the Chase
William Henry Ogilvie
flute was never any friend of mine; But I do appreciate When a yokel on a gate Gives a holloa thRate it:

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The World is a Playground
Mirza Ghalib
reflection, O friend, in your limited mirror To appreciate the style and charm of conversation JustRate it:

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