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Infanticide in Madagascar
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
have died for thee !" Such law of bloodshed to annul Should be the Christian’s toil ; May not sucRate it:

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A Charm invests a face
Emily Dickinson
her mesh— And wishes—and denies— Lest Interview—annul a want That Image—satisfies— Rate it:

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A Poet to...
Charles Harpur
bliss Might else mix earth with heaven, and so annul That want which makes man seek the world-widRate it:

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Banish Air from Air—
Emily Dickinson
in a Drop Or Pellets of Shape Fit Films cannot annul Odors return whole Force Flame And with a BlonRate it:

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Bianca's Dream - A Venetian Story
Thomas Hood
in his wrath; And once, his hopeless being to annul, He tied a pack-thread to a beam of lath, A linRate it:

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Alfred Austin
scare the past, allay its smart, Almost annul the blame. Away with all these makeshift toys, ProviRate it:

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Robert William Service
vain, Thinking in agony: Oh why Can doctors not annul our breath In honourable death? Rate it:

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Matthew Arnold
for ordering worlds, alas! Think not that I to annul the law have will’d; No jot, no titRate it:

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The End
Wilfred Owen
these bodies? Of a truth All death will he annul, all tears assuage? Or fill these void veins fullRate it:

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The Return of the Soldier
Franklin P. Adams
was my belief, That my mere returning Would annul your grief. Arguing ex parte, Maybe you can tRate it:

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The Telephone
Harriet Monroe
wonderful, That all the separating miles annul And touch my spirit with your kiss of fire! What Rate it:

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The Tower of the Dream
Charles Harpur
Of power, when boldest, ever dared to soar; Annul the bars of space, the dens of time, Giving thRate it:

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Theory Of Truth
Robinson Jeffers
and the earth and stars, life and mankind, to annul the suffering. He also sought and found truth, Rate it:

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Who Is Like Thee
Yehudah HaLevi
knowledge the envoy between thyself and Him; Annul thy will and do His will; And know that wheresoeRate it:

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