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The Magic Net
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Do I see a contest yonder? See I miracles or pastimes? Beauteous urchins, five in number, 'Gainst five sisters fair contending,-- Measured is the t...Rate it:

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A Net to Snare the Moonlight
Vachel Lindsay
[What the Man of Faith said] The dew, the rain and moonlight All prove our Father's mind. The dew, the rain and moonlight Descend to bless mank...Rate it:

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I Cast My Net Into The Sea
Rabindranath Tagore
In the morning I cast my net into the sea. I dragged up from the dark abyss things of strange aspect and strange beauty -- some shone like a smile...Rate it:

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The Net
Sara Teasdale
I made you many and many a song, Yet never one told all you are -- It was as though a net of words Were flung to catch a star; It was as though I ...Rate it:

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Caught in a Net
Vachel Lindsay
Upon her breast her hands and hair Were tangled all together. The moon of June forbade me not — The golden night time weather In balmy sighs co...Rate it:

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The Purse-Seine
Robinson Jeffers
Our sardine fishermen work at night in the dark of the moon; daylight or moonlight They could not tell where to spread the net, una...Rate it:

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At The Gill-Nets
Duncan Campbell Scott
Tug at the net, Haul at the net, Strip off the quivering fish; Hid in the mist The winds whist, Is like my heart's wish. What is your wish, Your h...Rate it:

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Ch 03 On The Excellence Of Contentment Story 24
Sa di
A weak fisherman caught a strong fish in his net and not being able to retain it the fish overcame him and pulled the net from his hand. A ...Rate it:

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Upon The Lark and The Fowler
John Bunyan
Thou simple bird, what makes thou here to play? Look, there's the fowler, pr'ythee come away. Do'st not behold the net? Look there, 'tis spread, Ve...Rate it:

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Nonsense Alphabet
Edward Lear
A was an ant Who seldom stood still, And who made a nice house In the side of a hill. Nice little ant! B was a bat, Who slept all the day, And flu...Rate it:

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Pictures From Theocritus
William Lisle Bowles
FROM IDYL I. Goat-herd, how sweet above the lucid spring The high pines wave with breezy murmuring! So sweet thy song, whose music might succeed T...Rate it:

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David Herbert Lawrence
At the open door of the room I stand and look at the night, Hold my hand to catch the raindrops, that slant into sight, Arriving grey from the dark...Rate it:

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Tantramar Revisited
Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts
Summers and summers have come, and gone with the flight of the swallow; Sunshine and thunder have been, storm, and winter, and frost; Many an...Rate it:

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The Beggar's Child
Padraic Colum
MAVOURNEEN, we'll go far away From the net of the crooked town Where they grudge us the light of the day. Around my neck you will lay Two tight li...Rate it:

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The Fisherman of Wexford
John Boyle O'Reilly
THERE is an old tradition sacred held in Wexford town, That says: 'Upon St. Martin's Eve no net shall be let down; No fishermen of Wexford shall, ...Rate it:

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Edmund Spenser
WHat guyle is this, that those her golden tresses, She doth attyre vnder a net of gold: and with sly skill so cunningly them dresses, that which is...Rate it:

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A Dramatic Poem
William Butler Yeats
The deck of an ancient ship. At the right of the stage is the mast, with a large square sail hiding a great deal of the sky and sea on that side. ...Rate it:

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A Fly Caught In A Cobweb
Richard Lovelace
Small type of great ones, that do hum Within this whole world's narrow room, That with a busie hollow noise Catch at the people's vainer voice, And...Rate it:

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A Spider and A Fly
Allama Muhammad Iqbal
One day a spider said to a fly 'Though you pass this way daily My hut has never been honored by you By making a chance visit inside by you Though...Rate it:

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Adieu to Belshanny
William Allingham
Adieu to Belashanny! where I was bred and born; Go where I may, I'll think of you, as sure as night and morn. The kindly spot, the friendly town,...Rate it:

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David Herbert Lawrence
It is stormy, and raindrops cling like silver bees to the pane, The thin sycamores in the playground are swinging with flattened leaves; The heads ...Rate it:

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Englishman In Italy, The
Robert Browning
PIANO DI SORRENTO Fort, Fort, my beloved one, Sit here by my side, On my knees put up both little feet! I was sure, if I tried, I could make y...Rate it:

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Goalkeeper Joe
Marriott Edgar
Joe Dunn were a bobby for football He gave all his time to that sport, He played for the West Wigan Whippets, On days when they turned out one s...Rate it:

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Home, Wounded
Sydney Thompson Dobell
Wheel me into the sunshine, Wheel me into the shadow, There must be leaves on the woodbine, Is the king-cup crowned in the meadow? Wheel me down t...Rate it:

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Old Idea Of Choan By Rosoriu
Ezra Pound
I The narrow streets cut into the wide highway at Choan, Dark oxen, white horses, drag on the seven coaches with outriders. The coaches are perfume...Rate it:

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