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An Ode
Anne Killigrew
: Should she her Airy Race forget, On Earth affect to walk and sit; Should she so high a PriviledgeRate it:

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Manhattan Streets I Saunter'd, Pondering
Walt Whitman
Not a move can a man or woman make, that affects him or her in a day, month, any part ofRate it:

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The Death of Yazdagird
Hakim Abu'l-Qasim Ferdowsi Tusi Firdowsi
bane for him and, if thou art discreet, Affect not this world for its end is ill. Whiles a tame serRate it:

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George Herbert
To a full consent. Not a word or look I affect to own, But by book, And Thy Book alone. Rate it:

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My Memories
Ehsan Sehgal
And yes The world and its resources Do not affect me You can enter To my glorious Kingdom Only wiRate it:

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Time Has Taught Me
Ehsan Sehgal
the world's glimmer And glamour cannot affect And influence My feelings In the wrong direction AgaiRate it:

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Hero and Leander
Christopher Marlowe
lose, the other win; And one especially do we affect Of two gold ingots, like in each respect: The Rate it:

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Beauty, Time, and Love
Samuel Daniel
My ambitious thoughts, confined in her face, Affect no honour but what she can give; My hopes doRate it:

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A dialogue between Sir Henry Wootton and Mr. Donne
John Donne
eyes to see, Joy to wound me. Yet I so well affect each part, As—caused by them—I love my smart. [Rate it:

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A Dramatic Fragment
Charles Lamb
O then He did not, as neglected suitors use, Affect a life of solitude in shades, But lived In freRate it:

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A Lost Dream
Paul Laurence Dunbar
I have changed, I do not know Why lonely hours affect me so. In days of yore, this were not wont, NRate it:

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A Passage In The Moriae Encomium Of Erasmus. Imitated
Matthew Prior
catch our eager eyes; Her jingling bells affect our captive ear, And in the sights we see and soundRate it:

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A Poem On The Last Day - Book III
Edward Young
most exalted, strains. And let the Muse or now affect the sky, Or in inglorious shades for ever lieRate it:

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Air And Angels
John Donne
in a voice, so in a shapeless flame, Angels affect us oft, and worshipped be; Still when, to where Rate it:

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Aldermen and Antirrhinum
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
were begonias truly; but that did not unduly Affect his wrath unruly. The darn things weren't in lRate it:

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An Elegie. On The Death Of Mrs. Cassandra Cotton, Only Sist
Richard Lovelace
th' early benefit and secresie. Dare to affect a serious holy sorrow, To which delights of pallaRate it:

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An Elegie. On The Death Of Mrs. Cassandra Cotton, Only Sister To Mr. C. Cotton.
Richard Lovelace
th' early benefit and secresie. Dare to affect a serious holy sorrow, To which delights of pallaRate it:

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a ripple I overstep their gaze, the butterflies affect me no more No longer I fear making a splash Rate it:

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Conducted Tour
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
could be brighter. Learn how shortbread can affect the human girth. Come and see the pastry chewer.Rate it:

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Deliciae Sapientiae de Amore
Coventry Patmore
the Elect Of generous Love, how named soe'er, affect Nothing but God, Or mediate or direct, NothingRate it:

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Donna Mi Prega
Ezra Pound
Because a lady asks me, I would tell Of an affect that comes often and is fell And is so overweening; Love by name. E'en its deniers can now hear t...Rate it:

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Dram-Shop Ditty
Robert William Service
doubtless it is predestined our meeting shall affect in kind Earth's Cosmic Story. The fathomless,Rate it:

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EPISTLE II: TO A LADY (Of the Characters of Women )
Alexander Pope
she can be borne? Why pique all mortals, yet affect a name? A fool to Pleasure, yet a slave to FaRate it:

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Fated Divine
Kurt Philip Behm
but active As change does occur, whose affect we hold captive Those traits we develop, from Rate it:

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Grave, The (excerpt)
Robert Blair
While some affect the sun, and some the shade. Some flee the city, some the hermitage; Their aims as various, as the roads they take In jo...Rate it:

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