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Yardley Oak
William Cowper
Survivor sole, and hardly such, of all That once lived here, thy brethren, at my birth, (Since which I number threescore winters past,) A shattered...Rate it:

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The Great Oak Tree
William Schwenck Gilbert
There grew a little flower 'Neath a great oak tree: When the tempest 'gan to lower Little heeded she: No need had she to cower, For she dreaded not...Rate it:

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Oak and The Broom, The: A Pastoral Poem
William Wordsworth
I His simple truths did Andrew glean Beside the babbling rills; A careful student he had been Among the woods and hills. One winter's night, ...Rate it:

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The Oak And The Broom
William Wordsworth
A Pastoral I HIS simple truths did Andrew glean Beside the babbling rills; A careful student he had been Among the woods and hills. One winter's...Rate it:

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The Song of the Oak
Gilbert Keith Chesterton
The Druids waved their golden knives And danced around the Oak When they had sacrificed a man; But though the learned...Rate it:

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To An Oak At Newstead
George Gordon Lord Byron
Young Oak! when I planted thee deep in the ground, I hoped that thy days would be longer than mine; That thy dark‑waving branches would flour...Rate it:

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The Talking Oak
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Once more the gate behind me falls; Once more before my face I see the moulder'd Abbey-walls, That stand within the chace. Beyond ...Rate it:

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The Vine & Oak, A Fable
Major Henry Livingston Jr.
A vine from noblest lineage sprung And with the choicest clusters hung, In purple rob'd, reclining lay, And catch'd the noontide's fervid ray; The ...Rate it:

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The Wail in the Native Oak
Henry Kendall
Where the lone creek, chafing nightly in the cold and sad moonshine, Beats beneath the twisted fern-roots and the drenched and dripping vine; Where...Rate it:

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Vaunting Oak
John Crowe Ransom
He is a tower unleaning. But how he’ll break If Heaven assault him with full wind and sleet, And what uproar tall trees concumbent make! More t...Rate it:

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In The Oak
Katharine Lee Bates
THE leaves and tassels of the oak Were golden-green with May, Pavilion whence forever broke Some angel roundelay. A carol like a glory came From to...Rate it:

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As The Oak Lies In The Acorn
Liam Ó Comáin
As The Oak Lies In The Acorn * As the oak lies in the acorn so poetry comes from everyday life * Your compositions showed me That poetry lay in ...Rate it:

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I Saw In Louisiana A Live Oak Growing
Walt Whitman
I SAW in Louisiana a live-oak growing, All alone stood it, and the moss hung down from the branches; Without any companion it grew there,...Rate it:

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Lines On Captain Wogan. To An Oak Tree
Sir Walter Scott
To an Oak Tree, In the Churchyard of --, In the Highlands of Scotland, Said to Mark the Grave of Captain Wogan, Killed in 1649. Emblem of England'...Rate it:

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Stanzas Written under an Oak in Windsor Forest
Mary Darby Robinson
"HERE POPE FIRST SUNG!" O, hallow'd Tree ! Such is the boast thy bark displays; Thy branches, like thy Patron's lays, Shall ever, ever, sacred be; ...Rate it:

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The Mouse That Gnawed The Oak-Tree Down
Vachel Lindsay
The mouse that gnawed the oak-tree down Began his task in early life. He kept so busy with his teeth He had no time to take a wife. He gnawed and ...Rate it:

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The Ship of Oak
Herbert Asquith
When the bow-waves race through the foam and aft are the boiling trails, What ship is that in the fading light with the press and the wind in her s...Rate it:

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Elliot's Oak
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Thou ancient oak! whose myriad leaves are loud With sounds of unintelligible speech, Sounds as of surges on a shingly beach, Or multitudinous murmu...Rate it:

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Oak Creek Canyon Echo
Kurt Philip Behm
I want to write dirty and convoluted, connected and wet And in the mess of my words Feel the stain run down Over the nice clean ordered objective,...Rate it:

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The Giant Oak
Emily Pauline Johnson
And then the sound of marching armies 'woke Amid the branches of the soldier oak, And tempests ceased their warring cry, and dumb The lashing st...Rate it:

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The Haunted Oak
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Pray why are you so bare, so bare, Oh, bough of the old oak-tree; And why, when I go through the shade you throw, Runs a shudder over me?...Rate it:

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The Oak
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Live thy Life, Young and old, Like yon oak, Bright in spring, Living gold; Summer-rich Then; and then Autumn-changed Soberer-hued ...Rate it:

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The Oak And Its Branches.
Mary Barber
An Oak, with spreading Branches crown'd, Beheld an Ivy on the Ground, Expos'd to ev'ry trampling Beast, That roam'd around the dreary Waste. The Tr...Rate it:

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The Oak Grove Of Éire
Liam Ó Comáin
Over ice, down hills, blue car, pale moon… Love is calling me to a fireside in Doire. Oh! Doire, Doire, Doire, My own lovely Doire, The jewel o...Rate it:

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The Oak Of Guernica Supposed Address To The Same
William Wordsworth
OAK of Guernica! Tree of holier power Than that which in Dodona did enshrine (So faith too fondly deemed) a voice divine Heard from the depths of i...Rate it:

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